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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 7 – A Brief Comparison

In the smartphones industry there are only two brands that go head to head with respect to competition in delivering the best of smart technology. It seems to be a usual comparison of the phones delivered by these two brands every year. But the fact is that one go for more in modification than in advancement. Now have a look at the comparison between the greatest phone sets launched by two great giants in industry of phones.

Samsung S7 and iPhone 7;

We are doing this comparison on five major things a user usually see in a smartphone and make his choice to buy;

1-Device Appearance and Design

Samsung S7; has dual glass design having curve on the back, seems very handy and accesible while no other major change.

iPhone 7; like always smaller in size of 4.7inches makes handling very comfortable, the over all appearance is same like that of last year`s iPhone S6

2-Display and Resolution

Samsung S7; has larger display with Quad HD resolution giving super AMOLED display.

iPhone 7; It has smaller display along lower pixel density of 1334X750 resolution.

3-Functionality and Performance

Galaxy S7; has Android Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM definitely very high power specification.

iPhone 7; has iOS A10 Fusion Chipset along 2GB of RAM.


S7; has 5MP front camera while 12MP Dual-pixel back camera.

iPhone 7; has 7MP front camera and optically stabilized back camera of 12MP.


All how the utilities offered by both phones are approximately same like samsung pay and apple pay, quality audio,speakers USB charging ports, phone protections and security etc.

Bottom Line

Here you can see the differences between two phones, what you think worth looking in these phones is your choice of time. In my opinion both phones have the capacity to meet the needs of users as features added in phones are all up-to the mark and advanced.


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