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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3 Points To Consider Before Getting Appliance Repair In Pflugerville

Appliance Repair

Are you stuck with a refrigerator that has stopped working? Or are you looking at your dishwasher that’s leaking and ruining your day? Seems like you need an appliance repair, right? That was easy but before you hire an appliance repair service to fix the faulty appliance, do make sure that you’re weighing your options objectively. 

Check out the following 3 things to consider before getting appliance repair. 

Cost Of Repair

You need to know what the cost of the repair will be, right? When you’re looking for appliance repair in Pflugerville, make sure you ask the representatives about the cost of appliance repair. To get a basic idea about the cost of appliance repairs, check out the following list of national average figures;

• Refrigerator repair: $250 to $300
• Oven/Cooktop repair: $175
• Dishwasher repair: $100 to $200
• Washer/Dryer repair: $120 to $400

The cost of your appliance repair will greatly depend on what is wrong with your appliance. This will be used for determining the cost of parts and labor as well. Once you have the required information, then you need to decide if it’s worth investing that much amount in repair work or should you go for a new appliance. 

Remaining Service Life

Prior to investing in an appliance repair, do consider what the remaining service life of your appliance is. If you’ve been using a refrigerator for over 15 years (congratulations for making it this far), maybe it is time to invest in a new refrigerator that comes with a warranty that will cover the future cost of repairs. The average service life for mid-range appliances is given below to give you a basic idea;

• Refrigerator: 13 years
• Gas oven/Cooktop: 15 years
• Dishwasher: 9 years
• Washing machine: 10 years
• Dryer: 13 years

If the appliance in question has served its service life, we suggest you don’t invest in the repair work because there’s no guarantee that more repair work won’t pop up. Instead, invest in a new appliance. 

Ready to Get an Appliance Repair?

Whether you’re ready to get professional appliance repair in Pflugerville or want to get more information, get in touch with QRG Tech. It will provide you with a fair assessment of the situation and will guide you in detail about the feasibility of getting your appliance repaired or to go for a new appliance.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Morocco Journey and Great Adventure with Virikson Morocco


Initiate your adventure with minimum two weeks in Morocco, giving you adequately enough of time for sightseeing, including a visit to the Great Mosque of Casablanca in Morocco. 

Hovering down the Draa River for some sherry-tasting, before wandering across the mouth of the great Mediterranean to Morocco for an overnight stay in Marrakesh, including excursions to El Jadida and Rabat. 

Spend the night in modern Casablanca and beautiful Fez, themedieval capital of great Morocco, then discover the Roman ruins of Volubilis, before re-joining Aegean Odyssey in Tangier and roll out to Spanish Málaga, from where you may stopover another Moorish innovative land: the great Alhambra Palace.

Morocco, including overland voyages with amazing hotel vacations in the ancient Marrakesh and beautiful Fez, is at the heart of these morocco holidays. Preliminary with a 2-night hotel stay in the archetypal Andalusian metropolitan of Seville, Aegean Odyssey groups sail for Cadiz for a flavor of this significantcity or a perception of sherry in neighboring Jerez de la Frontera. 

Then we will be left off for holidays to Morocco, for stopovers to some of the tourist attractions of this wonderful country. An instant in beautiful Marrakesh, visits to El Jadida and attractive Rabat are all included before you reach at the primitive capital of Morocco, Fez. With its convoluted Fes el-Bali beautiful Medina, 14th-century spiritual colleges and antique ramparts, Fez has the best-preserved old city in the Arab world. It is also home base to the great Qarawiyyin University, the eldest university in the world. 

You will visit the fabulous Roman ruins of Volubilis before responding Aegean Odyssey in Tangier and making your efficient way to the Spanish harbor of Malaga. Travel by roadway to Granada and have a chance to escalate one of Europe's great places, the great Alhambra complex, and gardens. 

Go on board aboard Aegean Odyssey in Málaga for a holiday up the Guadalquivir brook to Seville, where you may visit the unlimited and ancient Royal Palace of Alcázar and the Great Mosque of Córdoba.

Relish the wonders of Cádiz and sherry-tasting In Jerez, while crossing the wondrousmouth of the Mediterranean to Morocco, for anaccidental to discover Casablanca, Marrakesh and the important walled city of Taroudant. 

On the regions of great Lanzarote and La Palma delighttours to the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, the Fire Mountains of Timanfaya and the volcanic shoreline of Los Hervideros, before incoming in Tenerife. 

The Museum of Ancient times is positioned in the village of Chefchaouen, in Tangier, and is originated in what used to be the food kitchens of the great Sultan’s palace, Dar El Makhzen. Neighboring the museum is a good-looking Andalusian orchard where guests can walk and appreciate the peaceableenvironments. There is also animitation of an antique necropolis, which is a large and sumptuous cemetery that was used by antique cities. 

The museum encompasses theselection of objects and artifacts that come from Roman sites. These Roman sites include Banasa, Lixus, Volubilis, and Cotta. They confined a number of medleys and bronze pieces that can now be observed at the great Museum of Ancient times.

Author Bio:
I am Maria, a travel blogger from UK. Writing is my ultimate passion and nowadays, I am into the mission of providing creative and unique blogs on Morocco’s lively culture and traditions. I can help people in planning their journey by sharing my amazing experience to Morocco and Essaouira Holidays.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Bleeding a Radiator in Your Home

Bleeding a Radiator

Step – 1

A radiator in need of bleeding usually has cool air trapped in its upper portions. Upon switching on the heat, the top of the radiator or the entire radiator remains cold. However, these symptoms might warrant some other problem other than the need for a bleeding. To be sure;

• Check other radiators, if all of them are lukewarm then something else is wrong with your boiler system. There might be sediments in your boiler system that are hampering the heat flow.

• If the radiator has water under it apart from the coldness, then the radiator has a leak. Turn the heat off and tighten the nuts on your radiator’s inlet valve.

• If the radiators on the first floor aren’t warming up but the radiators on the lower floor are; your boiler system isn’t operating at its full capacity and hot water isn’t able to come to the top floor.

Step – 2

Get a hold of your radiator key to open the radiator’s bleed valve. This valve is situated at the top of your radiator on one end. The valves come with a square bit that can be turned for adjusting the valve. It is advised that you bleed every radiator in the house if you’re bleeding one of them.

Step - 3 

This is important because if the heat is on, chances are you’ll end up hurting yourself. Heating engineers advise that you should always switch off the heat before bleeding radiators because an active heating system pushed more air into the system. Once you’ve switched off the heating system, wait for sufficient time to allow the heat in the system to dissipate. Make sure you check your radiator and if any part of it is still hot, wait before you move to next step.

Step - 4

Open the valves of your radiator and ensure that the intake and outtake valves of the radiators are turned to ‘open’. Once you’ve ensured that, turn the bleed valve bit counter-clockwise to open the valve. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll hear a hissing sound signifying the air escaping from your radiator.

Step - 5

Make sure you have a kitchen towel with you to catch the drips from the valve. Once air escapes from the radiator, water will sizzle from the bleed valve. Having a towel or a bowl will keep you from making a mess!

Step - 6

Be patient and wait until water stops squirting out of the bleed valve. Once a steady flow of water takes over the sputtering mix of air and water, tighten the bleed valve because you’ve successfully removed the trapped air from your radiator. Turn the bleed valve bit clockwise to tighten it and make sure that no water is escaping from the valve.

Step - 7

Repeat this step for all radiators in your house. This is advised, even if you’ve been experiencing problems with only one radiator. Boiler servicing service usually takes care of this but if you’ve not been maintaining your boiler system, then chances are other radiators are also prone to entrapping air.

Step - 8

Check the pressure level on your boiler. Now that you’ve released the excess air from the radiators, the overall pressure of your residential heating system has been lowered. Top off your boiler with water if the pressure is too low to ensure the optimal working of your boiler.

Boilers are complicated systems and we would suggest that for boiler repair in north London, whether small or big, hire professionals. You can check out some of the advantages of hiring emergency boiler repair services here!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Halle Berry Sexual Harassment

Halle Berry

The dawn of the February saw the emergence of yet another case of sexual harassment in Hollywood. On 2nd February, The Washington Post released an article with the shocking news of not one but a total of nine women accusing Vincent Cirrincione of sexual harassment. What’s worse is that they were all women of color.

The same day after this news surfaced, Halle Berry took to Instagram to express her sentiments on the current situation. It seemed like she was hoping that the allegations had no solid foundation since she had known the accused for so long. However, the detailed graphic accounts of the sexual abuse these women suffered appeared to have opened her eyes to the sickening reality. Her post highlighted that she felt used by him herself. She said that she was “livid” that he had dared use her status to lure in unsuspecting women. 

Halle Berry was the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002 for her role in Monster’s Ball. Despite successful campaigns to generate equality for people of color, discrimination is extremely common. This is particularly evident in the film industry where white supremacy thrives. There are only a handful of celebrated people of color in Hollywood. Since women are forced to struggle harder in every aspect of life as compared to men, the film industry is no exception. Women of color face the worst kind of treatment there resulting in hardly any of them landing significant roles. Those who do manage to climb up the ladder somehow face extreme sexual harassment along the way. This is a well known fact which they often speak out against. However, powerful men are always ready to silence them. This is why their voices went unheard and their credibility was broken down in countless cases. It wasn’t until the Me Too movement started gaining attention again did people begin taking them more seriously. 

In October 2017, the hash tag #MeToo became a way for victims of sexual harassment and abuse to come forward with their stories on social media. Actress Alyssa Milano of Charmed fame encouraged others to stop hiding their pain and seek support with other survivors. The Me Too movement was initially founded for women of color by activist, Tarana Burke, in 2006. She sought to promote “empowerment through empathy” since the main issue survivors faced was a lack of empathy. Since #MeToo spread in late 2017, several Hollywood celebrities have shared their horrifying personal experiences. Stars who have lent their fame to the Me Too movement have proven to be a strong driving factor. It has made the public more comfortable in being honest about their harassment and abuse. The idea of #MeToo was to make people realize how big and severe the problem was. The movement is not limited to the USA. People from all over the world have given it a tremendous amount of support even going as far to create hash tags in their own language. French and Japanese women, in particular, have been quite vocal about it. 

Celebrities are not just making headlines for their courage to come forward with their stories of abuse but many are being criticized for being the abusers. Several big names have been revealed among the accusations leading to both internal and external investigations. Some have been suspended or fired from their jobs even when there wasn’t enough evidence to convict them in court. This shows just how strict organizations have become in dealing with sexual harassment and abuse. 

Vincent Cirrincione has reason to fear those who have accused him of sexual harassment which allegedly took placed over a course of two decades. According to The Washington Post, one Asian-American and eight African-American actresses claim that he took advantage of the state of minority women who wanted to gain entry into the entertainment industry. Vincent Cirrincione became a beacon of hope for countless minority actresses after his successful management of Halle Berry. She was a role model for them and they wished that he could work the same miracle for them. Many of these survivors have claimed that Cirrincione refused to work with them unless they agreed to grant him sexual favors. One of them claimed that he performed sexual acts in front of her during the time he managed her. 

The whole situation is despicable made worse by Vincent Cirrincione’s reaction to these accusations. He stated that he had never taken any kind of favors in exchange for representing his clients. He admitted to cheating while he was in committed relationships. However, he denied that any of his sexual relationships lacked consent. Cirrincione officially apologized to his employees, clients and partners for the negative impact these accusations had on them. He stressed that he had always thought of himself as a man supportive of women’s rights. 

Halle Berry does not seem to be willing to give her former manager an ounce of support which is having a big impact on the judgment of others. It is important to note that none of the nine women who accused Cirrincione of sexual harassment wish to take matters to court. Many made their claims anonymously to prevent their loved ones from suffering in any way. As reported by The Washington Post, some of the survivors still have friends who are being managed by him. 

There have been more than a hundred notable figures in the USA who have been accused of sexual harassment and assault since the Harvey Weinstein scandal erupted. Most of them have come as a shock to the public. Those who had contributed so much to their sectors had reached success while stepping on the basic rights of others. People are becoming increasingly aware and intolerant of such crimes. 

The powerful sentencing of Larry Nassar, a USA Gymnastics national team doctor, has exposed the rotten core of the system which is supposed to protect victims. As justice has been served, it has given hope to millions of survivors that they will receive it too.

Friday, March 2, 2018

How to Get Rid of Swollen Lips

Swollen Lips

Lips swelling makes people lose confidence in communication and have trouble eating. What causes swollen lips and how to repair lips are always big questions that annoy every woman. There are several causes leading to swollen lips including external and internal factors and for each case, we have separated solutions for the best lips recovery.

Normally, people get swollen lips by some external factors such as Allergies with weather, food or medicine, and some tiny injuries, for example, accidentally biting into the lips...For those factors, we can easily find out several simple home remedies as below:

1. If Your Lips Get Allergies

When you have food allergies or Medicine allergies, you often have typical symptoms of facial, nasal, and lip swelling. Because lip skin area is quite sensitive and thin, so it’s easy to react to other factors. If your lips only get rash and swelling, it might be the simplest symptoms of food allergies. However, if your swelling lips parallel with painful and rash on your body, more complicatedly, hard to breathe, you need to see a doctor immediately.

How to Reduce Lips Swelling?

So, for the normal swelling lips as a consequence of simple allergies, an ice cube is a good idea to reduce the itchy feeling and irritating sensation at that time. Any other cold compress is a good treatment too. Take a sip of cool water, a cold tissue or any low-temperature object around can help.

How Often Can We Use This Method?

Once we apply an ice cube on the lips, it only helps to reduce the annoying feeling, but for longer treatment, if your lips have not back to normal status, you can apply ice cube 4-5 times per day. Additionally, using honey as a gloss cover on your lips or drinking plenty of water to purify the body are all the best solution.

2. If Your Lips Get Injured

Due to crashing on hard objects or eating too hot food, your lips will easily get swelling. Accidentally biting lips is also another factor. When the lips are swollen due to injury, you can reduce the swelling of the lips by applying a cold compress. After 3 to 4 days, the swelling condition will be improved. If you have serious lip sores that cause bleeding and make you feel painful, you should see a doctor, who will help you sew the wound. After suturing, you need to do some of the following to prevent complications:

- After 2 - 3 days suture wound should eat soft food.

- Avoid spicy spices.

- Daily wounds should be cleaned.

3. If Your Lips are Affected by Internal Factors

For example, liver issues, feel hot inside your body, kidney issues. When your organs sometime do not work well, it can lead to skin reaction, especially sensitive skin area as lips. 

For those cases, both internal and external treatments for perfect lips and for healthy organs are preferred. Nutritious and herbal foods, vegetal creatures are always magical treatment at home for any health problem. 

- Turmeric Powder and Honey Mixture

Everyone knows honey has many benefits, so there is usually a bottle of honey to use at home. The first benefit of honey is its antibacterial properties, it is anti-inflammatory and is an effective remedy for the treatment of inflammation. The antioxidants present in honey can help your body improve digestive system, then be against those harmful bacteria. At the same time, honey is also an effective antiseptic, when honey is diluted with water it produces hydrogels that is effective in treating wounds, cuts and swollen bruises, scratched skin. In addition, honey is a very good remedy for your skin, clean the pores, make the skin smooth and clean. Honey also moisturizes the skin, prevents wrinkles, anti-aging soon. 

Honey with turmeric powder: This mask formula is used to help your skin get brighter. It also a perfect combination to treat swollen skin. A teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey (optional), then apply this mask directly to your lips, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Regularly take this method you can see your lips get a better recovery in 3 days.

- Cassava Powder

Cassava is a starch from cassava, cassava is a kind of beverage that has many health effects. In addition, tapioca powder is also a medicine to cure many diseases including anti-inflammation issue.

Actually, Cassava has its cool properties which are good for digestive system and liver, harmonize the body temperature. According to Eastern traditional medicine, cassava is one of treasury national medicine.

How to Use It

+ Dilute cassava powder with cool water and drink it daily for better liver functions 

+ Make a mixture from 3 spoons of cassava powder and 1 spoon of clean water, directly apply to swollen lips 3 times per day.

- Aloe Vera

For a long time, aloe vera has been known as the "herbal hero" for women's skin. Thanks to the glycoprotein, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, which help to heal wounds quickly. In addition, aloe vera helps to enhance detoxification of the body by enhancing metabolism in the liver, kidney.

How to Use ALoe to Reduce Swollen Lips

+ Drink Aloe water daily by separate the aloe meat out of its skin, sim it in to warm water and boil it at low heat. 

+ Apply directly aloe meat including its natural gum (which has most of anti-inflammation) on your swollen lips. Your lips will feel more comfortable and cool down. 

- Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural oil, which is very benign. Therefore, applying coconut oil overnight will be good for your lips. Coconut oil helps balance the skin properties. At the same time, using pure coconut oil regularly will help your lips are rosy, all bruises or sưellings also quickly disappeared. In addition, coconut oil forms a lip balm, protecting your fragile lips from the environment.

How to Use Coconut Oil to Get Rid of Lip Swelling

Apply coconut oil to your lips, before going to sleep. Then leave it overnight, wash your lips with warm water when waking up in the morning. When applied to the lips, you should massage it gently for the essence of vitamin E in coconut oil quickly penetrating into the lips, make the lips soften, reduce inflammation dramatically.

Hope this article helps everyone get a perfect couple of lips, relieve all your worries because of unexpected causes which lead to swollen lips.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Samsung’s Best Budget Phone to Date - Grand Prime Pro

Grand Prime Pro

Despite Apple’s superiority in the market, Samsung is a big competitor with its Android phones. Whether you prefer iOS or Android totally depends on you, of course. However, the strict updates of the former combined with its high phone prices tilts the odds in the favor of Samsung. Even though Samsung has taken a hit in recent years with controversies linked to the Korean presidential scandal, it has delivered quality gadgets within your budget like Galaxy Grand Prime Pro.

You can always trust Samsung to come up with interesting budget phones each year. There are several series within the Samsung range which are popular including Galaxy phones. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, in particular, sold very well. It was released in late 2014 so it had a long time since there’d been a promising new replacement. This year seems to be a lucky one for lovers of budget phone and Android fans since Samsung Grand Prime Pro is now available in stores.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime vs. Grand Prime Pro

The first question in any buyers mind would be, “What’s different about this one?” No matter how well a brand promotes the features and design of its new launch; users need solid convincing before handing over their money. Phone companies are constantly competing to incorporate the latest technology into their upcoming releases. You’ve probably read gadget reviews where one was rated lower than another simply because the former lacks a new technology. Fortunately, Samsung’s latest offering does not suffer from this issue. Users can confidently purchase the Galaxy Grand Prime Pro knowing that it’s the best out there within that price range.

Storage Capacity

People use their smartphones for several functions nowadays. This means that there are heavy apps installed that require lots of space. Not only do they need several MB for basic storage but the files produced via these apps also take up space. The Grand Prime Pro is very pleasing in this regard. It has 1.5GB RAM as opposed to the 1GB RAM of its predecessor. The microSD card of the new model can provide up to 256GB of storage while the expandable storage of the older one was only a mere 32GB.

Processor Ability

The Grand Prime Pro had problems with apps lagging, crashing and even the phone shutting down for no apparent reason. It also troubled users when it overheated. It couldn’t take much load on its RAM at any given time. There was also an issue of notification speed connected to this. Once you turned on your mobile data or Wi-Fi, the notifications would pour in at a snail’s pace and if you attempted to do anything, your phone would get stuck. This old model had a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The new one boasts a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and does not suffer from any of the faults you faced with its predecessor. Everything flows quickly and smoothly.

Operating System

As you are probably aware, the OS version may contribute significantly when making the choice for a new phone. Some features just cannot work on an older version of the same OS. The Grand Prime Pro possesses the latest Nougat while the Grand Prime has Marshmallow. This means that you get the best of Android with the Grand Prime Pro. There’s even the coveted split-screen mode so you may multitask on your Grand Prime Pro during busy hours. It’s very easy to turn it on and off too. Nougat has excellent user experience. It’s simpler and more clutter-free than Marshmallow. Many would prefer Nougat over Marshmallow.

Display Quality

Most people enjoy watching videos, TV shows and movies on their smartphones. Several exciting games are available on Android as well. Mobile developers have tried to present the best possible visual characteristics with cutting edge techniques. The Grand Prime Pro has a Super Amoled Capacitive touch screen. You have to see to believe how amazing it looks in person. It really improves the user experience of those who seek entertainment form their smartphones. The Grand Prime didn’t have such display quality back in 2014.

Camera Features

Many rely on their smartphones to capture memories every day. While Samsung doesn’t produce the best cameras, users expect a certain standard for the price tag. Both phones have a main camera (8MP) and secondary camera (5MP) but the new model offers LED flash for selfies too. Now you can take bright and cool selfies even in bad lighting. Besides, little tweaks and fixes have upgraded the camera for optimum results.

Apart from these basic hardware and software characteristics, the Grand Prime Pro is superior for several reasons. The appearance of the Grand Prime Pro is a bit different from what you’ve come to expect from this series. The body has a more metallic look and seems more practical than that of its predecessor. Having a high shine body means that imperfections are less visible. Another great thing about the new model is that it is available in Black and Gold as well as Blue. Blue is a totally new color in the Samsung family and will intrigue many buyers. It’s a very laidback blue which looks more than silver with a hint of blue. It’s a decent shade that will appeal to people of every gender and personality.

If you consider the dimensions of both phones, they seem quite similar: 144.8 x 72.1 x 8.6 mm (Grand Prime) and 143.8 x 72.3 x 8.4 mm (Grand Prime Pro). Yet, the Grand Prime Pro just feels more comfortable in your hand. It is actually 3g lighter in weight as compared to the Grand Prime. That could be why it’s less tiring to carry it around or hold it for long periods of time. That’s right! Smartphones are not just for show. They are all about functionality and practicality. You need to think about your phone habits before you pick a new phone.

Lastly, let’s look at the price. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Pro is currently being sold for $173 while its predecessor is just $10 cheaper. The price tag seems pretty reasonable for a dual-SIM Nougat phone that has 8MP main camera, Super Amoled screen, 1.4GHz quad-core processor and all the latest features from Samsung.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to Stop your Child from Bullying?


School Bullying

Child health is crucial to the stability of every country. After all, children are the future. While it’s important to educate the masses about physical health, the government needs to realize that mental health deserves the same attention. Check out any women’s community on social media and you’ll see it flooded with queries regarding behavioral issues in children. Even babies a few months old display signs of aggression.

Parents are at their wits end with their sweet kids turning into little monsters for no apparent reason. What’s worse is that hardly 30% of bullying cases reach the ears of adults according to recent surveys. This means that most children either take matters into their own hands or simply suffer in silence. Bullies rarely confess to an adult on their own and a very small number of victims actually complain about it. So, how can there be any progress?

It is one thing when your child is bullied but quite another when your child is the perpetrator. Every parent’s first reaction is denial. Raising a child is difficult and parents try their best despite struggles. To hear that their disciplinary efforts have been wasted and another’s child has been hurt is devastating.

Modes of Bullying

Studies have revealed that there are two ways a person may be bullied as follows:

1. Direct Bullying

This involves verbal or physical attack on the victim such as name calling, insulting and assault. It also includes damage to the property of the victim.

2. Indirect Bullying

Spreading rumors in hopes of ruining another’s reputation or isolating them socially is also a form of bullying. This is pretty common in cyber bullying and often done anonymously.

Types of Bullies

You need to know what kind of bully your child is. This is all about their social status and interaction with peers. Studying the two kinds of bullies will help you absorb and understand the reasons behind your child’s behavior.

1. Popular Kids

You might be surprised to learn that happy children who enjoy a high social status among their peers are prone to bullying. They value the power they possess and oppress others to maintain or improve their rank.

2. Deprived Kids

Anger and pain sometimes makes a person lash out at others. The emotions of these bullies are complex. They’ve got problems at home or struggle to get accepted due to their differences. They might be loners or form a group of similar kids. They feel like they have a right to bully others because they’ve been treated unfairly. It’s a vicious cycle.

How to Deal with Your Child’s Bullying?

It can be a confusing and trying time for any parent when they get called in by their child’s school to address such a complaint. Since there’s no clear age at which bullying begins, chances are that your child may hit another in a public place like the mall. You might think that there’s nothing to do besides apologizing in embarrassment. That’s not true at all. The way you handle these situations will shape the character of your child. Whether it’s a one-time thing or a repeat event, follow these steps to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.


Ignoring the problem is never the answer. In addition, neglecting your child’s bullying habits will only reinforce the idea that bullying is okay. Honesty is paramount so make sure you develop good communication with your child. Assure them that they can come to you for anything even if they’ve made a mistake. Ask them about their side of the story. Question them about their reasons and feelings. They must learn that apology and forgiveness is not embarrassing.

Teach via Empathy

Children don’t obey their parents because they have to. They have countless questions about everything and need to receive satisfying answers. Only logic is acceptable to them. If you can show them why bullying is wrong, they will fix their problematic behavior. They must understand why it’s wrong to hurt others. Empathy can be a great learning tool for bullies. Questions like, “How would you feel if this was done to you?” are excellent for this purpose. Bullies should acknowledge that their victims didn’t deserve the treatment they were given.


The idea of accountability forms the basis of the legal system. As a parent, your child must recognize you as the authority that will judge and punish them for wrongdoing. Lay down the rules and develop a routine of repeating them regularly. Enforcement of these rules will show your child that you are serious about bullying. Punishments like suspension are not particularly effective. Temporarily depriving your child of something they love is a good move. Use positive reinforcement to teach them how they should have dealt with that situation. They might not be able to express themselves verbally so a letter of apology may work well too. You must teach your child to make amends so no hard feelings remain.

Social Skills

If your child has emotional issues which lead to them becoming a bully, consulting a professional child therapist would be ideal. Teaching your child how to deal with different situations and people is a good bullying prevention exercise. Learning how to build and nurture relationships with peers may go a long way in eliminating bullying. There are several group activities you can arrange with other parents to help children grow together in a healthy environment.

Bullying commonly takes place in educational institutions and playgrounds. Be active in discussing this issue with the school. Parents and faculty can work side by side to resolve difficult cases and prevent bullying by devising special programs. Promoting awareness and education is vital to fixing this problem. The first step is to have frank conversations with everyone concerned. It’s not just about the bullies and victims but the bystanders too. These are not just students but often adults as well. A system must be developed on the most basic level for reporting bullying and resolving each case fairly.

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Reality of Depression

Reality of Depression

Before going in depth about reality of depression we want to share another story about it. Last month depression took another precious victim. On 18th December, 2017 police received a call from the sister of Kim Jonghyun about him contemplating suicide. Unfortunately, help reached him too late. He was discovered unconscious in a rented Seoul apartment and passed away on the way to the hospital. Attempts to revive him through oxygen therapy failed and he was pronounced dead that night. His funeral took place the next day with his fellow group members from SHINee as the chief mourners. He isn’t just mourned by his family, friends and fans but by the entire Kpop community around the world. They are determined that his death not be in vain so efforts are being made to highlight mental illness

Kim Jonghyun was just one of many bright lives extinguished by mental illness which is still considered taboo in several countries including South Korea. He was not just a musician but a social activist who tried hard to change the attitude of society towards depression. He was a kind loving soul who was involved in many organizations working to make the world a better place. He strived to make people understand the reality of depression that mental illness was just as severe as any other ailment. Many refuse to accept depression as an illness. Patients are told to “get over it” or “stop trying to seek attention”. Some suggestions include praying. A depressed individual needs professional help. There is no other solution.

These are some of the kinder responses. There is no shortage of apathy in the world. There are those who view seeking help as weak and pounce on the opportunity to bully the patient. They make fun of them and subject them to public ridicule. Physical abuse is not uncommon in such cases. This is the farthest thing from what a depressed individual needs. Even if the response is not bullying, there is a clear change in attitude. It’s ironic how the general public doesn’t consider mental illness a disease yet treats depressed people as if they have the plague. This hypocrisy is exactly what prevents help from reaching a depressed person that's the reason we are far from understanding the reality of depression.

The reality of depression is that most people don’t wish to associate themselves with a depressed individual causing them to be isolated. The minute they express their feelings in some way, society wants them to be quarantined. This is an extremely dangerous situation. The patient needs someone to hold their hand and lend them an ear to hear out their troubles. Depression makes them feel worthless and this emotion is heightened by the fact that no one wants to stay by their side. They start to believe every taunt thrown their way. They begin to lose interest in life and spend their days in extreme pain. Many patients have revealed that they wanted the pain to end so they decided to take their own lives. They see no other way out of the misery they’re in. 

In fact, the true reality of depression is that it can be perfectly manageable and curable. This makes the deaths of such patients even more heartbreaking. The thought that it could have been easily prevented fills any decent human being with shame. If only someone had listened when they were crying out for help, they would still be alive. This is why it’s so important to spread awareness about depression and educate the public about the warning signs.

Symptoms of Depression

You can make a difference by keeping a close eye on the people around you. Don’t feel shy about asking how someone is doing. You may gently nudge them to share the reason for their frown and offer to help in any way you can. Sometimes all they need to hear is that someone is there for them. Look out for the following warning signs of depression:

  • When someone isn’t taking joy in life and seems to be disinterested in everything, it’s not a good thing. Talk to them about it immediately. 
  • We all have bad days but feeling helpless and hopeless for long periods of time should ring warning bells in your head. 
  • There are many reasons for disturbances in sleep patterns. However, if there’s nothing medically wrong then sleeplessness maybe a symptom of depression. Increased hours of sleep can be just as bad. 
  • If the doctor has ruled out any illness associated with fatigue then the patient shouldn’t be experiencing constant fatigue. Recommend a good counselor to them. 
  • Take instant notice of abnormal eating habits. Loss of appetite or overeating is very bad for anyone. Some patients try to fill the emptiness inside with food. 
  • Make sure to offer encouragement to anyone you suspect has depression because it’s very easy for them to feel like they’ve failed at life. 
  • Patients are often lost in their own thoughts and don’t concentrate on the task at hand. They can be unusually quiet and withdrawn. 
  • Individuals with depression act a lot more lethargic. It’s not that they’re lazy but for the reasons explained above. A mentally healthy person is active and interested in life. 
  • Since patients are isolated, it may be hard to notice any attempts at self harm but be alert for any injuries that they cannot explain honestly. They shouldn’t be obsessed with dying in any way. Death should not feel like a release to them. 

Be mindful of the fact that some patients are very intelligent and can hide their depression. They might be discouraged by a negative reaction before or just feel like they’re beyond help. Some are just good actors so you might miss the signs completely. Rely on your instincts and knowledge of that person to identify these hidden signs. They might be embarrassed to talk about it so make sure to creative an environment where they feel safe and accepted.

Never try to cure depression yourself. You must consult professionals who are trained to handle all kinds of cases. The wrong word or action might trigger the patient. Once the patient has been properly diagnosed, follow the advice of their therapist diligently.

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Most Reliable Online Stores in Pakistan


People love shopping and you will find millions of shopaholics in every part of the city or the country who like to shop on regular basis. In this regard physical shopping is very popular before and people spends hours in the shopping malls to keep looking for the things they need, but the thing is physical shopping is quite bothering at times and you feel tired and exhausted when shopping all by yourself, as we all know the modern era is the internet era which has completely changed the world with the revolutionary technology and shopping has a great impact of that and that’s the reason the shopping of today is mostly online because now everything going digital and online.

Online shopping is a trending in the world and Pakistan is one of the countries who are greatly influenced by it. The majority of people in Pakistan now moves to online shopping because it saves your time, give you more option to explore the things you want online rather than doing shopping on your won. In online shopping you can browse thousands of online stores with pure convenience to shop for your favorite goods without even wasting time. The online shopping is convenient, time saving, better choices, affordable prices and much more. Today we will discuss the three best online shopping portals in Pakistan.

1- is simply a game changer for online shopping in Pakistan, they are among the highly growing online portals in the country and in the recent years they have shown significant growth in this industry. They provide genuine and latest products in the most affordable prices you can ever imagine. They have infinite range of products that includes consumer electronic items, Men’s fashion and accessories, Women clothing, Kids clothes, house hold appliances and much more. For 100% original brands there is no any competitor of and they are leading the industry for this factor. gains enormous amount of recognition from all over Pakistan and they are among one of the well known and highly regarded online portal in Pakistan. They have a efficient team of people working together to ensure faster deliveries, convenient online procedure, easy payment method and finally a competent customer support. We at value our customers and greet them to be a part of this rapidly growing online business store and unlock the doors of a new shopping experience. Shopping will never ever be so much fun as it is with

2- is one of the most conventional online shopping portals in Pakistan which acquires the top notch places in online shopping websites among others; they are in the industry from the beginning and deals in quality as well as replica products. They are convenient, safe and reliable in terms of online shopping and they simply dominate.


Yavo is another luxury online platform that is in the race of being the top online portal of Pakistan. Yavo is a separate entity of TCS which is offering quality products to their consumers in Pakistan. is considered a reliable online portal which is known in offering great quality products in good discounts. They have limitless products to choose from and they focus on providing the customer the products they desire in efficient amount of time. Yavo provides something to all the online shoppers and that’s why they growing in big numbers.

Summing Up

The above discussed online shopping forums are those the most famous in Pakistani consumers to avail interesting and exciting offers and deals out of which is one of the most distinguished and trustworthy online web store of Pakistan which has changed the course of online shopping in Pakistan.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Facebook Facial Recognition Technology


Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook; one of the most popular social media networks right is now coming up with most recent technology of facial recognition. It probably won’t be irrelevant for a long time if the social media addicts keep giving it good ratings. There are several updates to the Facebook app every year. Although users have pointed out issues that require tweaking, it’s still going strong. It’s one of the most complex social networking site so users love it for the range of features it offers.

Messenger app is necessary for private messaging on Facebook which is a bummer but hopefully, there will be more improvements in the near future. Whatsapp remains the hottest messaging app for its great user experience and layout. However, not everyone is happy with Facebook’s management of security in recent months.

The option of tagging your Friends in photos has been there for years. There are various privacy settings for tagging which you may set yourself depending on your personal preferences. You can prevent users from tagging you altogether too. In addition, you can also limit and customize the audience for the photos in which you have been tagged by Friends. It seems pretty convenient, right? The latest update includes advanced facial recognition software which alerts you every time your face is detected on Facebook. This means that if anyone uploads a picture of you on Facebook, the software will identify you by your face and send you a notification.

How does that sound to you? Consider a situation where someone has gotten a hold of your private photos and decides to upload them on Facebook for their own questionable purpose. You will instantly become aware of the situation. You may proceed to report that profile/ photo for theft. This sounds like a good way to ensure privacy and control criminal activity on Facebook.

However, there is another side to this story which is why the public is not thrilled at the prospect of such facial recognition on Facebook. The issue is unethical data gathering by Facebook which threatens the privacy and safety of its users. Millions of Facebook users employ the social media platform for personal and commercial purposes. They upload their photos, videos and private information on Facebook. They should be able to trust a popular platform like Facebook to do everything it can to keep the safe. Users complain that this is not the case.

Hacking of Facebook profiles, Pages and Groups is not uncommon. Once someone gets your password, they can practically control everything about your account. The first step is usually changing your password so that you no longer have access to your own account. A reporting system exists of course but users are unhappy with the loopholes in security. 

Facebook users fear that the new facial recognition technology will make security even weaker and put them at a higher risk than they were before. Governments have been accused of invading the privacy of citizens particularly online. Now, Facebook may have similar powers to them simply based on the amount of data you feed into their system. Once you have uploaded a photo of yourself, Facebook scans and saves details about your unique facial identification.

This means that Facebook can detect you anywhere and everywhere just because their software recognizes you. Coupled with all the other personal data you’ve freely offered to them, Facebook has great control. This is disturbing for a private platform. It’s like a huge database of people from all over the world. Critics find Facebook’s privacy rules too vague for comfort. There is no reassurance that your personal data will not be used for any commercial purposes.

As you are probably aware, advertisements agencies pay to receive personal data about target audiences of their interest. There is concern among people that Facebook might collect and sell the data of their users for profit in this manner. The users feel like their right to privacy is being compromised and that they may be bombarded with unwanted ads too.

Users desire more transparency in the processing of their personal data by Facebook. They want clear assurance that nothing illegal is going on and that their consent is not taken for granted. Hopefully, we’ll see more progress in the future regarding this.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Bulimia Nervosa in Teenagers


Bulimia Nervosa

The situation of mental illness is severe due to the stigma attached to it. In several countries this topic is taboo. Conservative cultures encourage denial over treatment making it worse for the patients. Psychological disorders like bulimia nervosa worsen the more they are left untreated. What people don’t realize is that mental illnesses can be just as fatal as diseases like cancer.

Unfortunately, bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that is disturbingly common among teenagers. This should concern everyone because every person knows at least one teenager around them as family, friend, neighbor or colleague. It is extremely important for parents of teenagers in particular to learn to recognize the warning signs of such eating disorders. While every case has to be tackled individually, full recovery is definitely possible with the proper attention and care.

Types of Bulimia Nervosa

First, it’s important to understand the two different kinds of this illness so the right course of action may be taken without risking the health of the patient. The main difference between them lies in the habit of purging. The first type involves removing content from the stomach and intestines by self induced vomiting or medication. The second type involves eating abnormally/ less/ fasting or doing excessive exercise to burn off all the calories gained.

Symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa

  • If you suspect that a teenager is afflicted with this illness, monitor them closely around meal times. Their attitude towards food is very different from a normal person. Even if you’re not a foodie you view food as a means of sustenance and not a source of your problems. They feel nervous while dining and are extremely conscious about what they eat.
  • Someone who’s obsessed with food in a negative way also develops strange habits which should ring alarm bells right away. Patients start stealing food or hording it away in a hidden spot. Many of them are prone to binge eating followed by purging.
  • Purging is a glaring sign and one that quite easily detectable. However, remember that a non-purging type of Bulimia Nervosa exists as well as mentioned before. The patient will feel the urge to induce vomit and try to rush to the bathroom during and after a meal. This means that you’ll also be able to smell vomit on them. Purging frequently also leads to a sore throat at any time of the year.
  • An extended sign of purging is the state of the patient’s teeth. Throwing up almost every meal time has a deteriorating effect on the teeth. Stomach acid is hydrochloric acid (pH 2.0) which is quite high and damages the enamel of the teeth. It turns them yellow and there’s no way around it. They may develop cavities and suffer from bleeding gums.
  • Weakness is a major symptom of Bulimia Nervosa because of the terrible nutritional state of the body. The wrong kind of nutrients may be consumed or the body may lack the basic nutrition it requires to function daily. Always feeling tired and dizzy is quite normal in bulimic individuals. Their muscles might cramp often and might even suffer from blurred vision and spells of fainting.
  • The digestive system of a bulimic individual is disturbed so they develop problems there. Constipation and diarrhea are not uncommon. Indigestion, bloating and nausea are common. They probably get frequent cramps from purging as well.
  • Since their condition makes them secretive, patients want to be alone most of the time. They become anti-social withdrawing even from close friends and family. You’ll notice a drastic change in their personality and they will experience mood swings too.
  • Patients become depressed and resort to risky behavior which is uncharacteristic of them. They might start doing drugs or develop a habit of stealing. Trying to forget their worries by consuming excessive alcohol is also common.
  • Bulimic females end up creating a hormonal imbalance in their bodies. Their body cannot bear monthly menstruation and their periods stop occurring while they’re still malnourished.
People who have a family history of mental illnesses have a higher chance of becoming bulimic. It’s important to keep an eye on teenagers especially if they show signs of depression. It should never be considered a phase but dealt with seriously.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Rock’s Christmas Collaboration with Superwoman


Dwayne Johnson has many friends in the industry but one of his most unique friends is Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. The YouTube star is famous for her witty skits which everyone can relate to. Her psychology degree and personal views add much depth to her videos setting her apart from others. Whether Superwoman is throwing shade at sexists or making fun of her own gender, she keeps it real! Her videos are a literal mirror of society making her much more than just a YouTuber. She’s also a very good actress playing various original characters herself. We’ve met her hilarious “parents”, Paramjeet and Manjeet.

There’s the basic white girl, Jessica, and several other interesting characters. Lilly Singh’s thoughtfully created videos are not just funny but meaningful too. She is a strong advocate of women empowerment not just in words but with her actions as well. Her Girl Love campaign sends girls to school in Kenya. It also resulted in collaborations with different artists to promote unity among women. Her recently launched book, How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life has received great response from readers.

Every year, Superwoman does a series, 12 Collabs of Christmas, with famous stars on her YouTube channel. This year, it also features The Rock. She has been a passionate fan of WWE since childhood and loves The Rock. Her fans, Team Super, were well aware of this fact and Lilly finally got in touch with him a few years ago. She vlogged her sweet first meeting with The Rock two years ago and both have remained great friends since then.

A year ago, The Rock launched his own YouTube channel and collaborated with her for “How to be a YouTube Star”. They also collaborated with other YouTubers on The Rock’s channel for “The YouTube Factory”. This Christmas, they chose an interesting theme for their collaboration. You may watch their video, “When Your BF Acts Different Around His Friends (ft. The Rock)”, on her channel now. 

Once again, we’ve got high quality content from these amazing artists. Lilly was thrilled to play the girlfriend of The Rock for their video. The two appear to be on a date around their anniversary and The Rock seems to be the best boyfriend in existence. This allusion is quickly shattered when one of his buddies suddenly hops onto the scene. The Rock transforms into the worst date ever! The point of the skit was to show how boyfriends act differently around people other than their girlfriends. His behavior totally changes and so does his language. When he talks to Lilly, he seems to be the perfect but whenever he talks to his buddy, he turns into an undesirable basic guy. He chose a vegetarian meal with his girlfriend but once his friend comes, he agrees to extra spicy meat even though spicy doesn’t suit him. 

It just shows how men let so much slide when it comes to their male friends. From giving sexist dating advice to checking out women right there, the perfect boyfriend turned into the worst boyfriend. At the end of the skit, the friend leaves only to show how different he is when he’s not around The Rock. It’s funny and throws shade at the senseless habits of boyfriends in this case. 

We can look forward to more great collaborations by this terrific duo but there’s another exciting release for fans of The Rock. He’s been promoting his new film, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, these days. It’s a remake of the 1995 blockbuster hit Jumanji starring Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt and Jonathan Hyde. It was a fantastic adaptation of the popular 1981 children’s book Jumanji. The story is about two children who move into a new house and find a board game, Jumanji. It’s not just any board game. 

Whatever happens to the player in the game actually happens to them in reality. The remake is quite different from the original film. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is not about a board game but a video game. The plot has been upgraded to fit modern times it seems. A group of teenagers is sucked into a video game but there’s a catch. They are not themselves in that video game. They turn into the characters they chose to play in Jumanji. They are trapped until they win so a crazy adventure begins. You may catch the movie at theaters near you. 

As for Superwoman, her 12 Collabs of Christmas feature not just The Rock but also other talented celebrities. “When You Meet Your Ex's New Girlfriend” features supermodel Karlie Kloss. Catch Chelsea Handler in the savage skit, “If Talk Show Interviews Were Honest”. Nick Jonas, Alisha Marie and Rudy Mancuso also feature in this year’s brilliantly scripted collaboration series.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

5 Tips on How to Capture Leads with Online Tools


The lead capturing aims at securing your prospect’s emails. For a business, lead capturing is important for improved marketing, sales and build audience.

Once you build a platform like blog or company website, you need to set up some tools to capture leads for your business. At the moment, every user visiting your site is counted as a lead, and if you succeed in building a strong relationship with users, they become your recurring clients and buyers.

To proceed with the tools to capture leads for your business, your blog or online platform needs to have lead capturing tools configured properly, including online forms, lead capturing plugins like Optin Monster, and a database of leads for maintenance purposes.

With that in mind, after capturing email leads; you can use them for marketing, offering products and services, and involving the community in live events.

In today’s article, we are going to address some tips to capture leads with online tools. These tools contribute to capturing leads for your business, by leveraging your platforms like blog, newsletter or a landing page.

1. Use Plugins like Sumo Me and Optin Monster

Plugins like Sumo Me and Optin Monster are counted as favorites for lead capturing on sites. Once you setup Sumo Me or Optin Monster, visitors are presented automated forms that offer value in exchange of capturing the user’s emails. Once a successful transaction is carried out this way, the leads are stored in the databases powered by Mail chimp, Aweber or Get Response. You can also integrate your plugins with automation tools found in Zapier.

2. Use Online Form Builders, along with integration with Salesforce

Powerful online form builders make it possible to create, design and integrate your forms with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Salesforce. For the purpose, you can use the online form builder, the FormTitan, to create interactive online forms and integrate them with salesforce, helping you capture and manage your leads more efficiently.

3. Conduct Online Surveys

Conducting online surveys with designing forms with Google Forms and survey creators help you collect opinions from your target audience. Online surveys help you capture leads for your business, and make you able to segment relevant audience. This approach, segmentation, makes you able to market products and services in front of targeted customers. Surveys also help you manage your data in an automated manner, also providing you help with accepting files from the users.

4. Paid Ads

Paid advertisements, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook ads help you capture leads for your business. These platforms help you target relevant audience by keywords, market your ads automatically and help you capture leads accordingly. If your budget allows enough potential, paid ads play well in capturing the target audience leads. In this way, once you redirect your leads to capture forms, you build an automated machine to help you capture leads on the go.

5. Guest Posts and Landing Pages

A writing piece on a third party is considered as a guest post if, the site owners have asked for submissions by following their guest post guidelines. Website owners play well by writing guest posts on other sites, and redirect their readership to pages where leads are captured. Moreover, landing pages, where you offer something for the users also contribute to capturing leads for your business. This way, you can write guest posts and build landing pages on a timely basis, and capture leads every time you perform guest posting and creating landing pages.


By leveraging tools and tactics, you can manage capturing leads with online tools. In addition, you can also offer a lead magnet to capture leads for your business, like a PDF document explaining to your audience how to achieve certain goals.

The process of capturing leads goes through several tasks, including setting up some free and paid tools like Sumo Me and Optin Monster. Once you set up doing that, your platforms like blog starts capturing leads for you.

Finally, once you build a system to capture leads, you can integrate your online forms with CRM like Salesforce, to store, manage, and automate certain tasks on the go. To sum up to this line, the whole system of capturing leads builds a marketing machine, that helps you sell your products and services to relevant audience, and build a profitable income on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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