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How To Create An Engaging And Captivating Product Descriptions? - An Ecommerce Guide

Product Descriptions

It is commonly seen these days, people visit multiple websites to make any purchase. Internet is becoming our guide, actually. It’s evident from the success of ecommerce sites like, and FlushFashion at buyers do visit these sites and many others like these, to get a fair picture of what they are actually intending and planning to buy.

Everyone is concerned where there hard earned money is going to be spent. So, in order to understand whether to buy those products or not, many buyers read the product reviews and product descriptions. It is imperative to express and write things which can trigger the impulse of the visitor to convert it into a buyer. How to do that? Well, that’s pretty simple. All you need to do is to follow the following 6 points thoroughly while creating product descriptions and you will be amazed to see the results i.e. increased sales.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity works best. But as it’s said, simplicity isn’t easy at all. You have to keep things straight. Share the knowledge and information which you have in such a format and style that the readers of the product description start to avail and buy that product. It is all about giving a perspective to your writing style. Keep your content easy to read and easy to understand. Majority of the buyers prefer to read descriptions which are easy to digest. So, write for the laymen. Let them connect to your content and description. It always works, try it now!

Make It Relevant

Most of the time, the problem occurs when the product description says something else and its users experience something different. Plus, most of the people want to read about the specific product, so it is smart to only discuss and talk about the relevant topic. For instance, don’t write about vases and their beautiful art, if you are planning to write the product description of flowers or bouquet. It will not be of any help; in fact people don’t prefer to read irrelevant stuff. Try to be specific and relevant about the product as much as possible. This will increase the sales.

Be Focused

A good product description is always focused and has an objective. And that objective is primarily related to increased sales. The more focused the product description the greater are the chances that the buyers will be willing to buy the product. No matter what, it is not recommended to deviate from the main topic and objective. Let your content and description revolve around the product and keep describing it in the best possible manner. This can escalate the sales of that particular product, rest assured. So and always focus.

Discuss The Highlights and Features

How can a product review or product description be complete without enlisting and discussing the features of the products? How can one expect to make a purchase without reading about the features of the product? At the end of the day, it is always around reading about the product and under the about heading features and main elements of the products are discussed.

Share Examples

Adding examples from real life is very strong feature and practice to increase the readability. Readers and buyers tend to relate to examples more easily than anything else. Try to add more examples in the product description; this will increase in the sales of the product. For impeccable results, businesses and marketers recommend to add additional examples in the description part.

Use Right Tone

Correct writing style wins everything. It is recommended to write engaging and conversational product reviews and product descriptions. This is one straight way to get your message delivered in correct context to the readers (read: buyers). Those product descriptions which have better and relatable communication tone tend to receive more views. Make sure you use the right tone for writing the description of the product.

After devotedly following the above mentioned points, it becomes a lot easier to create product descriptions which can gain more business and revenue. People only buy when they are satisfied with the description. Make your description count by adding substance and relevance to your content.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Decoding the Secrets of Perfumes - A Scientific Look at Fragrance Composition

Perfumes Composition

Perfumes and fragrances have captivated us for centuries, with their ability to evoke memories, influence mood, and enhance our personal style. But have you ever stopped to consider the science behind these scents? In this article, we will decode the secrets of perfume and take a scientific look at fragrance composition whether it is J. perfumes or bonanza satrangi perfumes.

The Components of Perfumes and Fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances are made up of a combination of different aromatic compounds, which can be derived from a variety of natural and synthetic sources. These compounds can be grouped into four main categories:

  • Top notes: These are the first scents that you will notice when you apply a fragrance, and they tend to be light and fresh.
  • Middle or heart notes: These scents are the core of the fragrance, and they are usually heavier and more complex than the top notes.
  • Base notes: These are the deep, rich scents that anchor the fragrance and give it staying power.
  • Fixatives: These are ingredients that help to slow down the evaporation of the other fragrance compounds, which allows the scent to last longer on the skin.

The Art and Science of Perfume-Making

Perfume-making is both an art and a science, and perfumers (also known as "noses") must have a deep understanding of the chemical properties and behaviour of different aromatic compounds in order to create a harmonious and well-balanced fragrance.

Perfumers typically start by sketching out a rough idea of the fragrance they want to create, including the desired notes and the overall character of the scent. They then experiment with different combinations of aromatic compounds, using their knowledge of how these compounds interact with each other and with the skin to fine-tune the fragrance.

The Psychology of Perfumes and Fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances can have a powerful effect on our psychology and behaviour, and they have been used for centuries to enhance mood, stimulate the senses, and attract others. Research has shown that certain scents can have a calming effect, while others can increase energy and alertness. Some scents are also believed to have aphrodisiac properties and can be used to boost attraction and sensuality.

In conclusion, perfumes and fragrances are complex and fascinating creations that involve both art and science.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, perfumes and fragrances are complex and fascinating creations that involve both art and science. From the top, middle, and base notes that make up a fragrance, to the skilled craftsmanship of the perfumer, there is much to appreciate and discover in the world of perfumes and fragrances.
And if you're looking to try out fragrances like J. perfumes or bonanza satrangi perfumes, you can easily find a wide range of options at Enfuri, do give this brand a try all Enfuri perfumes available at reasonable price points. So, it is a one-stop destination for all your fragrance needs.

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Get the Delight of Easy Clicky Online Shopping With

Clicky Online Shopping

At present internet is becoming primary source of information, news, media,entertainment, books and business. Almost everyone is familiar with this term and for their awareness search for more information and comparisons. Through it you can do market study, latest news, fashion trends and positions of businesses. You can notice the shift of businesses on internet; they are now focusing more on online marketing, constructing website, online stores, blogs,social media and forums to capture this segment.

Like in all other grounds’ internet introduces online shopping tendency for people to shop their needs and luxuries easily through an online store.

Online shopping is the exciting privilege of modern lifestyle and becoming morepopular trend for buying needs and accessories. It provides you all product information, latest brands, fashions and commodities with latest prices so that one can sort and buy his selective item rightly.

Currently there are so many online stores in the market that it is difficult to select the right one for you, in terms of desires and accessibility. Yet Clicktobrands is the well-recognized online store in Pakistan because we are delivering what consumers are looking for.

Clicktobrands - Introduction

Clicktobrands is the online brands shopping store; founded in 2011 with this mission “to serve customers with premium level services and never compromise anything less than the best with respect to products, prices, customer care and deliverance. They are dealing in genuine products from well-known brands of the world and offering most affordable prices for them. Alongside, we delivery products to our customers at their door step with least delivery charges.

Clicktobrands – Particulars

The layout and interface of the website is very user friendly as they have categorized all products perfectly to facilitate customers to browse through easily. Glance at Clicktobrands and select your needed item very simply because of pleasant communication style. On the home page they have placed new products with name new arrivals and featured products at front moving panel, you can see new arrivals and top rated products right at the front view.

Clicktobrands has 12 main categories for customers from there one can easily fall down to a specific product of his need. Major categories include the following;

  • Smartphones & Tablets - for all latest technology mobile phones and tablet PCs from well-known brands.
  • Gaming - this include gaming consoles and game DVDs plus accessories.
  • Gadgets & Accessories - for all latest technology products like smartwatches, streaming media players, eardubs and portable speakers.
  • Laptops & Computers - for all types of laptops and desktop computers.
  • Clothing - for all men and women apparel products. Infact you can get them with seperate heads of men clothing and women clothing.
  • Kids Store – for caring & wearing and playing.
  • Home & Kitchen Appliances - for all newest home appliances and kitchen appliances.
  • Fragrances - for all the best of perfumes for men and women.

Clicktobrands - Why Should Be Your Foremost Choice?

  • Clicktobrands is becoming foremost choice of customers in Pakistan, if you have question why is that ? this is because of following features they offer;
  • Genuine Brands - Clicktobrands is dealing in genuine authentic brands NO Replica.
  • They have customer centric culture; they are offering Customer care services round the clock 24/7. It is their specialty to response customers timely, following OTR policy. (on-time response)
  • Lowest delivery charges to your door step located any where in Pakistan.
  • Get rapid delivery of your product without any delay. After making order you will get a specified time for delivery within which you will get it.

Bottom Line

This is the period of internet evolution, now we go for it for the purpose of information and awareness as it actually bring this world closer to us. Now a person cannot do anything without internet, it is playing a vital role in all fields from student life to businessmen. And a handy clicky online shopping is a gift of this advancement.

In Pakistan this tendency is rapidly capturing the market and you can notice a countless number of B2C websites busy in serving this market. Yet Clicktobrands has its separate identity in the market cause of its unique services. With Clicktobrands - just undergo the best experience of clicky online shopping in Pakistan! And you will believe what they are commiting they are fulfilling.

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Time to Celebrate Discounts for Gadget Geeks

Gadgets & Accessories Online in Pakistan

Shopping seems incomplete without mouthwatering discounts as it allows to save a sufficient amount that's why most of the customer-oriented retailers prefer to promote sale events over time. Shopping lovers smartly purchase products in bulk during available discounts and complete their life with their favorite accessories.
Now the discounts are not limited for the physical market only as Clicktobrands is also promoting multiple discount programs at their online store. This step is not going to save money but also going to save a bulk amount of time that could waste in searching and traveling.

Previously, Azadi sale and click bazaar sale by Clicktobrands got a great response from the numerous peoples and now more and more success stories with respect to discounts are ready to add in the history of Clicktobrands. This well-reputed Pakistani e-commerce store is continuously running discounts on their all products; while here we want to mention the one most favorite for Gadget Geeks.

Do visit the Gadgets & Accessories Online in Pakistan shelves of the website for the most pleasing discounts.

In Gadgets category you can buy the latest electronic devices that take the level of modern lifestyle to its next level. These devices are quite expensive in the local market and on other online stores but Clicktobrands cut down the prices to cater unforgettable experience of online shopping to its customers. Every Pakistani can enjoy a good discount on the gadgets of international and local brands without compromising with their quality time. So if you want to change your smartphone or planning to purchase the latest model smartwatch then do not miss to visit Clicktobrands Gadgets category and get ready to enjoy the best discounts.

Their named category comprises of some hot selling items like smartwatches, streaming media players, latest technology earbuds, handy speakers and much more.

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Inside Secrets of Retailers Discount Sale Events

The hidden reality of the sale events celebrated by retailers are only known by the workers and management as they know the strategy of organizing outlets for the biggest shopping events. Here we are discussing 6 major points from the workers' aspect that will let you know the strategies behind successful retailer’s sale events;

  • Discounts offered at the old models.
  • A sale is the same as last year.
  • The sale does not live for a short time.
  • Attention grabber services instead of freebies.
  • Discounts are not that much deeper.
  • Sales are more appealing to low-quality items.

Discounts Offer at the Old Models

The discount is enough attractive and most of the peoples do not think about the status of the model in front of the cut-price. The deals mainly offer on the outdated models through which retailers can make some space for the new one. Retailers play with the psychic of the customers with the big difference in the prices of expensive product through which people sacrifices with the model preference and put that outdated item into their trolley.

The Sale is the Same as Last Year

Many dealers set the same strategy of celebrating sales every year. The store timing, discount rate, and brand selection do not change by the dealers at the very next Sale but numerous customers do not remember it due to the periodical gap. There is not anything new at the sale event but that old strategy does not affect the buying decision of the customers.

The Sale Does Not Live For A Short Time

Peoples start to gather outside the store at midnight but it is not a smart thing at all. Retailers live the sale throughout the day at their outlet that's why an individual can visit any outlet at any time. Even some store also extends the duration of Sale events and continue it to the next day as well. In short, peoples do not need to hurt each other to avail of good deals as retailers are prepared to entertain with the same deal until the end of the day.

Attention Grabber Services Instead Of Freebies

The sellers attract the customer with their services as well. Either their freebies are not attracting a lot but the way of dealing with the customer is slightly catchy. They prefer to engage every visitor for a longer time with customer-friendly services that help them to increase their sales ratio.

Discounts Are Not That Much Deeper

Retailer markups the price more than the original one to make discounts deeper. Most of the distributors slightly raise the price before a Sale then pretend that they are offering more exciting deals to celebrate the coming Sale event.

Sales Are More Appealing To Low-Quality Items

Discount on the low-quality products is more attractive that enforce the majority to compromise with the quality and save more. Some retailers also made low-quality products for the coming Sale event to enhance the varieties and range. It is one of the workable tricks through which stores can able to hold the huge shopping demand of the targeted audience.

So these are the key points the retailers take into account and set sale events happily through the year on various occasions. So do check with these things before going to celebrate such sales with them. We hope this will guide you in getting the true sense of offered Sale shopping.

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4 Yoga Poses That Can Help Eliminate Anxiety

Cat Pose of Yoga Poses

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly occurring form of mental illnesses, both in the United States and abroad. Anxiety disorders make it difficult for sufferers to manage stress, find meaning in their work, and even trying to live a healthy lifestyle. If not treated anxiety disorders can develop into serious conditions. Unfortunately, many people suffering from anxiety try to self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, and even food. This makes it worse.

How Yoga Deals with Anxiety – 4 Yoga Poses That Help

Feeling stressed or anxious is a natural part of life. Every day we encounter situations that cause us to become stressed, worried, and even anxious. Sometimes it can get so bad that it becomes difficult to function and take action. Drugs and alcohol do help with the feeling of anxiety to some extent in the short term. But they do not address the underlying problems that cause anxiety and stress. A mental disorder like anxiety can only increase your dependency on these substances.

On the other hand, a consistent and daily health routine can be just what you need to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life. There are several things you can do to help manage your anxiety, including art, talk therapy, exercise, music, and of course, yoga. I have found streaming peaceful, uncomplicated music on my Frontier bundles while I do yoga movements to be particularly effective. This blog explores the following:

  1. How Do Yoga Poses Help?
  2. The Child Pose
  3. Legs on the Wall
  4. The Cat Pose
  5. The Corpse Pose
Let’s take a closer look at them below.

How Do Yoga Poses Help?

Anxiety often causes us to become fearful of uncertain situations. It can even lead to a feeling of helplessness and despair. Regular yoga poses have helped many people alleviate these symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Yoga is primarily concerned with a clear mind, focus on poses, and deep, regular breathing. If you are prone to bouts of anxiety and stress, these are the perfect solutions to your problem. Practicing yoga poses can help you manage your stress and anxiety levels much better.

Yoga helps you learn to block out surrounding noise and thoughts, instead of focusing strongly on yourself. You should gently get into yoga to learn how to alleviate stress in your life. The poses you choose must be easy, demanding focus, and calming.

Before you get started with the poses we suggest below, make sure you have the following:

  • A comfortable yoga mat.
  • Plenty of space for movements.
  • Minimal distractions.
  • Essential oils (optional).
  • Calming music.
  • At least 30 uninterrupted minutes.
If you have all of the above, you can start with the following yoga poses right away to start alleviating stress and anxiety along with relaxing yoga crop tops.

The Child Pose

The Child pose involves you spending some time on your knees, so make sure your mat is thick and comfortable enough. You can either spread your knees in a V or keep them together. Reach forward as far as you can with your arms. Once you’re at the limit, soften your pose and release the tension from your body. Close your eyes, and relax both body and mind. Let your body slowly melt into the map as the tension leaves it. Take several deep breaths, relaxing more with each one.

Legs on the Wall

Legs on the Wall is a fairly simple yoga pose, but it has noticeable calming effects on your body. Place your mat flush against a convenient wall. Press your buttocks as close to the wall as possible. This is usually easier if you first curve to the side and position your bottom. Once in position, stretch your legs against the wall in a straight line.

You should let your arms rest at your sides with the palms facing outwards. Close your eyes, and focus on your breathing to start clearing your mind. Take deep breaths, holding each breath in and releasing it slowly. Your heart rate will begin to slow down, with the tension leaving your body as you hold this pose.

The Cat Pose

The Cat Pose is also known as the Cow Pose, so don’t get confused. Keeping your back straight, come down on all fours. Your knees should be immediately below your hips and your hands below your shoulders. As you inhale, lift your head up and your shoulders back so your chest expands. When exhaling, push your shoulder blades forward and lower your head towards your navel. Alternate these movements as you inhale and exhale. Move slowly, trying to feel the movement in every vertebra in your back.

The Corpse Pose

The Corpse Pose isn’t as grim as it may sound. It is physically the easiest pose on this list, but mentally one of the hardest. Lay down flat on your back, with your arms relaxed, and palms facing upwards. Your feet should be slightly turned out towards the edges of the mat. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to eliminate all emotion and tension from your face. Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly, until the tension begins to leave your body.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Discussing External Hard Drives and Why They are Important?

External Hard Drives

Reliable And Genuine Storage Devices

External Hard drives are the storage devices that will store massive amount of your data which is rest inside your computer. External hard drives will be the most trendiest and well-liked devices of the recent times, because of their convenience and affordability.

In Computer terminology these external hard drives will be often called plug n play devices , you can plug it in transfer the data in it from the computer and remove it off, its always feels nice to have a backup for your computer in case of your computer breakdown.

You can use external hard drives for both personal and professional use , that can be protected with the password for security reasons so n no one can break into your data which you wants to keep confidential with others.

External Hard drives will be available in wide variety with regard to storage space capacity, just like you can fetch or transfer the data in to your external hard drives uniformly; you can also transfer data from one computer to another without any procedural intricacy.

Storage Capacity

Incredibly the amount of storage capacity you required will establish what will be the ideal solution to select, usually external hard drive is the best way to store your data with very economical prices . External hard drives ranging from 1Gb to 1tb or more so you can have unlimited option when looking to store private and confidential data.

Computer or I.T related professional required more storage capacity or space, when transferring large data files or high resolution pictures which required more of storage space, external hard drives are the primary concern for the consumers around the world.


These External hard drives will be easily plug in to your computer or laptop and make things simpler for you , they offer fully improved and enhanced performance when transferring data.

These external hard drive devices will give you proficient usage , you can even store your operating system inside the external hard drive, they can be easily connected to your computer while attaching an plugging in the device.


External hard drives or portable hard drives will be very economical you can easily avail that storage option with ease of use. Its totally depend upon you how much storage you need, the more storage you required the more you need to put in the money however they are very affordable. And quite decent storage option for your colossal data.


External hard drives will be getting more and more advanced and become the priority of the many computer consumers who will be looking to store huge data in one compact device. Clicktobrands a truly phenomenal online web store which has a huge variety of external hard drives to offer in very exclusive prices in Pakistan. Get these portable and exceptional storage devices and store data frequently from them and do check their laptops and computers online in Pakistan shelves.

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Widely Used Types of Perfumes - You Must Know

Online Perfumes in Pakistan

Perfume oils and alcohol are usually diluted with fragrance concentrations, and fragrance concentration is what determines how intense a perfume is. Based on these factors, three main types of perfume are available today. So in this article, we will see some popular perfume types.

1. Parfum

There is no doubt that Parfum is the most concentrated form of fragrance, also known as Pure Perfume or Extrait de Parfum. Due to its high concentration of fragrance oil, Parfum commands the highest price and perfume strength of all fragrance types. Consequently, Parfum lasts the longest on the skin while releasing top, heart, and base notes over time.

2. Eau de Parfum

There is no doubt that eau de parfum is one of the most popular fragrance types people wear for various events and activities during the day. This is usually a cheaper alternative to Parfum. If you plan on spraying this perfume on clothing or hair, be careful to avoid staining delicate fabrics such as silk. In this scent, you get all three notes: top, middle, and base. However, it focuses primarily on the middle notes since the top notes evaporate quickly.

3. Eau de Toilette

An eau de toilette is also one of the most widely used perfumes. Eau de parfum is generally more expensive than most brands. Many people consider it their go-to choice for getting ready for a typical day since it is named after the French term "faire sa toilette," which means getting ready. Eau de Toilette scents are typically lighter and more straightforward than Eau de Parfum. When you apply it, the top notes are predominant, which gives a refreshing sensation before it evaporates and fades.

If you are also looking for the best perfumes then check out the extensive shelves of Enfuri now! They have a vast range of fragrances for men, women, and unisex.

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Infinix FreePods 2 XE27 - A Smart Choice

Infinix FreePods 2 XE27
Hello Apple lovers! Yes we know you guys are enjoying Apple Airpods Pro 2 as the brand products are always seems the best. So this is considered the top notch audio device one can ever have; while when we talk about pricing of this device that is bit higher. So users with low budget are in grief. But wait...

One brand is there for low pocket customers.. that is Infinix. Yes we want to talk about Infinix FreePods XE-27. These are just launched considering the need of low budget users. While if we talk about quality and performance; these are not behind from Apple Airpods even we think these are more good.

Active Features of Infinix Freepods 2

  • Noise Cancellation is superb.
  • These are Fittest for ones Ear.
  • They have Four Microphones.
  • Voice Through Mode is available.
  • Infinix freepods 2 xe27 have 10mm Deep Base Drivers.
  • These have IPX4 Waterproof feature.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Things To Consider Before Buying Apparel Products Online

Online Brands Shopping in Pakistan
There are still concerns about buying items online despite the fact that online shopping is dominating the world. When it comes to clothes shopping, it is more crucial. The reason is that you are misled every time and do not find the item you ordered.

You can follow the tips below for online brands shopping in Pakistan to get the clothes you want.

Check Size Charts and Know Your Measurements

Sizes vary greatly from brand to brand, so the biggest concern for online clothes shopping is the fit. Check the size chart and take your measurements beforehand to avoid this issue. You can even find size charts on some sites that tell you exactly where to measure your body and how to do so.

See What People Are Saying

Clothing reviews can tell you how durable, comfortable, and true to size the clothes are, and how well they arrived. Occasionally, customers include pictures with their reviews.

Be Sure to Check the Material

Since the material is easily accessible in stores, checking the fabric might not seem intuitive to first-time online shoppers, but it's essential for determining a clothing's fit, look, and texture. You can determine how the clothing will shrink, stretch, and feel when you wear it by knowing what it is made of.

Locate a Free Shipping Offer

There are many online stores that offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount. Sometimes when you buy your clothes all at once, you won't have to pay shipping costs.

To conclude, we recommend that you check the details before placing the order. When shopping online, checking the ratings is most advantageous.
In Pakistan, however, you can do online brands shopping through Clicktobrands. It is Pakistan's leading online store where you can find 100% original branded items.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at Clicktobrands now!