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The Best Android App for Kpoppers


App for Kpoppers

Kpop is a very popular genre of music originating in Asia but loved across the world particularly in South America and the USA. There are sold out KCON events as well as world tours, by individual artists, which attest to its popularity besides record breaking chart toppers. Social media is the ultimate way to connect with fellow Kpoppers. Besides social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. there is an app dedicated solely to Kpop.

Yes, Kpop Amino is an absolute must have for lovers of Kpop. It is available on Android as well as iOS so visit the store and download it right now! The user interface makes it easy to understand its working quickly so you may proceed to enjoy it. There are lots of cool features and something for everyone. Kpop Amino is very powerful in uniting Kpoppers from every country in the world. You will surely meet people from your own country there as well other continents. It’s a huge blessing for international Kpop fans who don’t have a close knit community within their country and feel isolated listening to foreign music.

You can make your profile on Kpop Amino and earn points according to the activities you participate in. There are levels showing your dedication in Kpop Amino. You may read and write blogs about literally anything related to Kpop. Users have many popular series like Imagine XYZ, fan fiction, Appreciation of XYZ, Introduction to XYZ, My Top 10 XYZ, News Updates, Controversial Topics, Unpopular Opinions, Fan Art, How I Got into Kpop, etc. So you may enjoy all kinds of blogs with people who share their experiences at fan sign events and concerts too. Featured Posts are on the front page so you may check out the hottest topics in the Kpop world. You may create polls about things you are curious about and quizzes as well. Quizzes are fun to play and you may test your knowledge about artists you stan. Take part in chats on different topics and talk with people from your fandom in private messages too.

Overall, Kpop Amino has everything you could possibly desire from an app dedicated to Kpop so go check it out!

The Split of the Bitcoin



Bitcoin is everyone’s favorite digital currency because it’s convenient and reliable. Recently, the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 91 suggested an upgrade for this technology. Bitcoin, though wonderful, needs to keep with current times so such upgrades were expected. The main purpose of this Bitcoin upgrade was to ensure quicker transactions so that users don’t have to wait too long for processing the currency during transfers. It would have made Bitcoin more efficient according to developers but many feared a split. However, there has been resentment and opposition to a certain move made by a group of Bitcoin miners based in Asia.

Basically, these Bitcoin miners have created another option for Bitcoin users which sort of makes it a competitor for Bitcoin as the leading digital currency. Companies that encourage and promote Bitcoin are divided in how they feel about this move. Today, 1st August, is a test to see how well this new move works and how the users receive it. The block chain, as the public Bitcoin ledger is known, can move in two different directions as of today. The value of this new digital currency is yet unknown and is open to speculation right now.

For those Bitcoin users, who already have a certain amount of Bitcoins in their possession, they will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (the new alternative). They will be able to trade their Bitcoin Cash for fiat currencies whenever they wish or any other digital currencies as well. The government in charge of issuing it will operate according to a legal tender for this purpose.

The mixed response to Bitcoin Cash has raised concerns among the business community and those investing in Bitcoin. There are several companies that have outright rejected the idea so they don’t support this split. This may create inconvenience for Bitcoin users who relied on them previously but the management is adamant about their stance on this matter.

Kim Samuel All Set to Debut This Week


Kim Samuel

Many hearts were broken when Kim Samuel didn’t get to debut with Wanna One on Produce 101 Season 2. It received tremendous response globally and is one of the most highly ranked TV shows. Being a survival show, it is an emotional roller coaster but it’s also a great way to promote trainees who are close to their debut. Kim Samuel was one of the most popular contestants on the show due to his explosive talent and charisma. Not only can he sing but he’s also a rapper and a dancer. It’s even more impressive to think that he’s only sixteen years old!

Before Produce 101, Kim Samuel was part of the duo, One Punch, under Brave Entertainment. However, his partner, One, left the group after signing with YG Entertainment and recently made his solo debut. Fans of Seventeen will remember Kim Samuel as the youngest Pledis trainee on reality TV show 17TV. Samuel was unable to debut with Seventeen two years ago because he was too young at that time.

After all the disappointment, fans of Kim Samuel can finally rejoice because he’s officially making his solo debut under Brave Entertainment two days from now! His agency was quick to release a teaser of his solo debut just days after Produce 101 Season 2 ended. The song, “I’m Ready” was a clear message that had everyone excited. Samuel’s first mini album is titled “Sixteen” and has a Chris Brown meets Justin Bieber vibe according to his producers. It has six tracks featuring renowned artists such as Maboos and Changmo. More image and video teasers have been dropped his week which look pretty promising.
Needless to say, Kim Samuel has never disappointed his fans and this debut is finally going to be the one they have all been waiting for so desperately. Here’s to a wonderful debut year for this rising star.

How to Reduce Carbohydrates While on Diet


When someone’s on a diet, they are advised to stay away from “white foods” that have a high percentage of carbohydrates or “carbs” as they are commonly known. What people don’t understand that carbohydrates are an essential part of your diet so eliminating them completely is not smart at all. They are the basic nutrient your body requires to function properly. Here are some great alternatives to “white foods”.

Unrefined Brown Sugar

Everyone knows that processed white sugar is pure sucrose which is used in all kinds of cuisines. Unrefined brown sugar is made by boiling sugar cane juice until it’s dry. It’s not pure sucrose but also has several minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium. It gives a unique flavor to your dishes.

Natural Honey

There’s no doubt that honey has wonderful medicinal properties and works superbly as an alternative to processed white sugar. You actually need less since it’s often sweeter than processed sugar. You can also include it in your meals in ways processed sugar cannot be used.

Brown Bread

Usually, the higher the fiber content of your meal, the longer you remain fulfilled. Fiber is also necessary to promote the peristaltic movement of your bowels leading to healthy digestion. Your stomach requires less energy that way and you don’t have stomach issues frequently. That’s why brown bread is preferable to white bread.

Brown Rice

The husk covering brown rice is also made of fiber and serves the same function as the fiber in brown bread. It takes longer to cook than white rice but the benefits of brown rice cannot be ignored. Brown rice is ideal to fulfill the carbohydrate requirement during a diet.

Other Grains

Besides, whole wheat, which has a nice percentage of fiber, there are several other grains which may be included in your diet. Oats are excellent and may be prepared in a number of delicious ways. Barely may also be mixed into whole wheat flour while making bread. So, you don’t have to do away with carbohydrates totally while on a diet. Just go with these above stated foods to achieve best results.

Hottest Hairstyles for Women-Summer 2017

Change of weather brings many changes in our life styles especially in our dress up. From dress to shoes we go for all light and cool things to stay relax. In overall appearance one major thing is the hair style we adopt. There are so many exciting events during summer months that most women want a whole new look. Going shopping with your girlfriends is best in this weather and there are so many wonderful summer collections too. Besides clothes, makeup and accessories, having a fresh summer hair makeover is important. Several women hesitate to chop off their locks but don’t worry. Your hair grows much faster in summer as compared to winter so don’t be afraid to get rid of a few inches. Try out these lovely summer hairstyles according to your personality and taste.

Bob with Bangs

Bob with Bangs
If you have been watching dramas lately, you’ll notice that bogs with bangs are totally in this season. Some ladies maybe concerned that bangs won’t suit their face shape. Visit a good hairstylist to get advice about what kind of bangs would flatter you.

Long Layers

Long Layers

For those of you who prefer having long hair, layers are one of the best hairstyles. The layers get longer towards the back and you can decide where the first layer begins. So, you get to keep the length you desire, lose some weight and best of all, gain volume.

Long Straight Bob

Long Straight Bob

This is a great hairstyle for women of all ages and flatters almost everyone regardless of your face shape. It’s excellent for little girls as well as mature ladies whose hair has gotten weaker over the years. It’s simple yet elegant and you may decide the length. You can also put it up in a bun or ponytail.

Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

Layers with Side-Swept Bangs

This is one of the most popular hairstyles these days because it’s versatile and may easily be carried off by everyone. You can pick the length of your bangs as well as their angle to suit your preferences. You can make lovely braided hairstyles, buns, ponytails or just leave them untied. They will look amazing in every way. 

OnePlus 5-Focusing on What Matters to Users


OnePlus 5

Since its first release three years ago, smartphone enthusiasts and tech junkies namely OnePlus, have been anticipating their new releases just as much as that those of the bigger names. There are obviously good reasons for such a reaction from the public. Their new flagship phone, OnePlus 5, was launched recently and has been the talk of the town. The buzz surrounding the OnePlus 5 has not died down because it has given smartphone lovers a lot to compare. OnePlus 5 definitely stands out in the market because it has its own focus and innovation. While there are trends in the mobile industry, they have opted to pay attention to what they think is most important. The marketing for OnePlus 5 is heavily based on the camera features it offers.

It has a unique dual camera technology that helps you focus on the subject softly blurring everything else in the background. It’s quite quick in focusing so you don’t have to struggle and wait to take a decent picture. Its main camera is 16 MP Sony IMX 398 sensor with a larger aperture than previous models, ƒ/1.7. The dual LED flash will certainly be useful in taking bright photos in bad lighting situations.
OnePlus 5 has an elegant design with soft rounded edges that is aesthetically pleasing. It is currently available in Midnight Black and Slate Gray colors. The 5.5 inch AMOLED screen has 1920 x 1080 resolution and 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Its user experience is impressive too. OnePlus 5 identifies which applications you use most frequently and helps launch them faster. You may also mute sounds and notifications while watching movies or playing games. It’s designed to stream HD videos better and allow heavier games/ apps to run smoothly. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor plays a big role in making that possible so there’s no question of efficiency.
When it comes to storage, OnePlus 5 offers 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and great security for your storage spaces too. Its OxygenOS has been a hit among users so far. It’s definitely worth investing in at just 479 USD.  

EU Criticizes of Social Media’s User Security Amidst Terror Attacks


Terrorism in Europe

The rising wave of terror attacks these past few weeks has left the world in shock and the EU outraged. On 22 May, 2017 a bomb filled with shrapnel exploded as American singer Ariana Grande’s concert concluded in Manchester. There were a large number of teenagers at the scene and causalities were heartbreaking. This deadly attack left 22 dead, dozens injured and countless missing as chaos reigned. On 3 June, 2017 a van was rammed into pedestrians on the London Bridge. The trio of assailants then began stabbing people in nearby pubs and bars. The horrifying attack left 7 dead and 22 injured. This was followed by a revenge attack by a white British national at the Finsbury Park mosque. The terrible attack targeted worshipers as they were exiting the mosque after offering daily prayers. The assailant drove a large van into the worshipers leaving one dead and 8 injured. Thankfully, he was outnumbered and the worshipers were able to restrain him until the police arrived.

In light of these heinous acts, Theresa May reacted strongly promising that such hatred and evil would not be allowed to consume peace. European leaders came forward to condemn these attacks and state their disapproval at the security situation both offline and online. They have been putting pressure on popular social media channels to control their content. Since social media allows millions to remain anonymous, they are fearful that not enough is done to crush online terrorism.

They believe that extremists are using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. to spread hate speech and urge others to join in their activities. The European Union has expressed serious concerns over the safety of European users on these social media websites and applications. They feel that the system of reporting such negative content is not good enough. This matter is often highlighted by social media users who claim that their accounts are easily hacked. These users complain that they are not able to report such content properly since these channels do not offer a lot of options for reporting. They are tired of facing online harassment on a daily basis. The European Union is demanding strict action to keep terrorists and extremists off social media so they cannot spew hate and threaten users anymore.  

Latest Rumors about Nokia Flagship Phones

Nokia Phones 2017

Everyone was excited over Nokia’s return to the mainstream smartphone market. Before Google and Apple became a thing, Nokia was top of its game. There are several reasons why netizens believe that Nokia’s smartphones will give other brands tough competition. Smartphone enthusiasts have been sharing leaked information about Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 these past few months. Officially, there isn’t much to go on but rumors seem pretty accurate based on Nokia’s history.

Earlier this year, pre-orders for Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 were announced generating a buzz in the smartphone market. Their official release dates are between 12-19 July so people can set their expectations for Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 after testing them out. They are following Nokia’s trend of being affordable and providing satisfactory user experience as well. They don’t have giant wide screens but are powerful with a plethora of cool features. You may expect fast updates and all the latest Android releases incorporated within them.

Nokia’s flagship phones and probably priced around $800-$900 depending on the level of memory they possess. Their style follows the rules of minimalism but of course, Nokia will make sure to put its signature on it so they stand out amongst the competitors’ smartphone models. One is rumored to have a dual camera besides a decent selfie camera at the front. They are said to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and Adreno 540 GPU. The difference between the two models is probably the screen size possibly 5.3 inches and 5.7 inches. Another major difference is of course, space ranging from 64GB to 128GB. They are loaded with interesting features and boost the latest Quad-HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass 5.

Netizens are quite pleased with what Nokia has to offer so far. It remains to be seen how they will react to Nokia 8 and Nokia 9, for which no release dates have been announced as of yet.

Fidget Spinners Being Banned in Schools


Fidget Spinners

Whether you’re at the playground or the office, you can see at least one person is holding a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners and fidget cubes took the world by storm this year leading to crazy sales and an early Christmas for sellers. This three-pronged palm-sized device has a weighted center and spun continuously by the user. It is rumored to help the user pay more attention to the task at hand as the spinning action grounds them. It also has a whirring sound as it spins.

Initially, it was developed to help autistic children, those with ADHD and similar learning disorders concentrate on learning. There is no proof that fidget spinners and fidget cubes help those with learning disabilities in any way. However, parents and teachers have claimed that these devices have aided in the progress of their children and students. Experts are divided in their opinion so basically, it’s all up to you.

The good thing is that they are relatively cheap some even less than $10. They are made of plastic or metal and come in a variety of colors and designers to attract buyers. Fidget spinners are sold out not because people thought they were helpful but because they are the latest trend and clearly addictive. This addiction to fidget spinners has given rise to quite a few issues at schools leading to a permanent ban in British and American schools.

Not all teachers react to them the same way but the majority agree that it doesn’t help in concentration on studies rather is a big distraction for the users as well as class fellows. One of the reasons fidget spinners are considered so cool is because they can be balanced on various parts of the body while they spin. There are millions of videos on the internet showing tricks with fidget spinners. Students buy them and practice tricks whenever they get the chance even in class. Schools have requested parents to discourage their use during study time as well. Parents of kids with learning disabilities think the ban is unfair to their children because of this craze.

Toxic Effects of Netizens’ Reactions on Celebrity Scandals


Netizens Reactions

The abuse of social media and the internet in general has reached its peak even with the recent crackdown on cybercrime. New laws and teams have been created in several countries that limit the damage cybercriminals cause. Online harassment is still widespread because users think they can say whatever they want without fear of consequences. Besides racism, hate speech and violent threats there is a lot of bullying. When controversial content goes viral, netizens are always divided in their views and often take their comments to a new extreme. The situation turns particularly ugly when celebrities are involved.

Every other day, international celebrities become entangled in another controversy which in most cases has no basis. It’s often a mountain made out of a molehill. People raise hue and cry over minor things and then go back to their own lives. What happens then? The celebrities pay the price for the carelessness of the netizens. The public image of these celebrities gets tarnished and their career is seriously affected. Producers are afraid to work with them as if the taint could transfer. Their mental and physical health takes a toll sometimes scarring them for life.

When Brad Pitt and Angelina announced that they were getting a divorce, some netizens were quick to comment that she was a homewrecker who was getting what she deserved.It was disgusting on so many levels especially since children were involved. A few days ago, boy group UP10TION’s agency, TOP Entertainment, announced that member Wooshin would not take part in the latest comeback due to mental health issues.

Back in December, there was a ridiculous controversy about him inappropriately touch ex-I.O.I member, Somi, while both were MCs for a show. Nothing of that sort had happened as both artists’ agencies confirmed yet some netizens went as far as to label Wooshin a rapist. In another case, BIG BANG’s TOP is currently lying unconscious in a critical state after an overdose of a medical drug because of stress over his recent marijuana controversy.

It’s high time that netizens matured and developed fear of legal repercussions for such acts of harassment that could lead to an artist’s death.

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