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Is iPhone X Better than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?

iPhone X
iPhone X

Apple has unveiled the most highly anticipated releases of the year just in time for their 10th anniversary. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are upgraded versions of their predecessors with wonderful new features that have delighted iOS fans. However, what really stole the spotlight is Apple’s iPhone X which they claim to be the future of Apple’s smartphone technology. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will go on sale on 22ns September, 2017 but the company will begin to take preorders from 15th September, 2017. As for the main event, you’ll have to wait a bit longer because it’s slated to release on 3rd November, 2017.

These incredible smartphones are not the only thing iOS users have to look forward to. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11, is expected to wow the world with fantastic new technology. The iOS 11 will be officially available for download on 19th September, 2017. So, you can test out the new operating system on your iPhone 7 and see how it’s an excellent upgrade on its own. When the new iPhone models are out in stores or online, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether any of them are a good investment for you.

Everyone wants what’s new and trendy but you’ll have to consider your budget and what benefits the latest models offer before coming to a conclusion. Take a look at the major considerations buyers stress on before purchasing a new smartphone. You can compare how the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X compare with each other in various departments. You might be surprised to learn the pros and cons of each device which can save you from an impulse buy that you regret later on.

Display Perks

First of all, let’s discuss the talk of the town: iPhone X. People are going crazy over its OLED edge to edge screen which is a first for an iPhone. Not only does it being you better contrast but also supports HDR video. The other two options, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, have LCD screens with Apple’s True Tone adjustment system which is not too shabby.

Camera Options

The iPhone 8 is probably not a suitable choice if you want the model that promises the best in terms of camera and video features. The primary camera is same in all three phones: 12-megapixel f/1.8 with an upgraded sensor. However, it only has one rear camera unlike the other two models. The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X both offer dual rear camera supporting Portrait Lighting effects but the latter also has Animoji feature besides a better portrait lens aperture.

Size & Style

People wonder if the iPhone 8 Plus is a bit too big to handle in which case, you might find the iPhone X more suitable with an edge to edge 5.8 inches screen. So, you are not compromising on screen space either. The colors announced for the latest iPhones include a brand new Blush Gold besides Silver and Space Grey. The iPhone X OLED display and higher resolution are unrivalled among Apple’s releases.

New Features

The iPhone X is the only one that has the latest Face ID feature which unlocks your iPhone by face recognition. It seems cool but there are those who prefer the good old Touch ID. Good news! The other two models have retained that aspect. This is why many have recommended selecting the iPhone 8 Plus because it has most of iPhone X’s features plus Touch ID.

Battery & Charging

Thankfully, Apple has finally decided to include wireless charging for their iPhones. The iPhone 8 Plus has a larger battery than the iPhone 8 due to size. However, the performance of the batteries will be similar to their predecessors although the latest processor (A11 Bionic) is very powerful and efficient.

Price Factor

Most are unhappy about the iPhone X having a hefty £1,149 price tag. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available in both 64GB and 256GB. The starting price for iPhone 8 is £699 and that for iPhone 8 Plus is £799. Remember that the iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) and iPhone X don’t have a huge price difference but the later offers more features.

Download Mobdro for PC in the Easiest Possible Way

Mobdro for PC is the one great app which you should all use. It has an array of great features which will blow your mind. Having said that, we know the users are aware of the great apps- across free, premium, and freemium categories- which are used for downloading and streaming great content. To that end, we believe that it is legitimate for many users to ask why they should use the Mobdro app. Well, if you go through the details on this page, it will apprise you of everything that you need to know.

Mobdro for PC
Mobdro for PC

Mobdro for PC: Features Which You Cannot Miss

The features of the Mobdro for PC application are great. Mobdro has an amazingly efficient search tool, perhaps the best we have seen aboard any comparable app store or individual app since Youtube. The search tab is also intuitive and is great to use. We have tried using the Mobdro app on our own devices (because if we hadn't, we would not be extolling its virtues) and the search tab works beautifully.

One great feature about the search tab is the fact that it supports many global languages including English. This simply means that the language barrier will be studiously dissipated. For, many countries like China and Germany do not have the option to search in English simply because the residents of these countries do not speak English. For them, there is support for Mandarin Chinese and German, which will help make the search process simpler than ever before.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize on the fact that this is an app which has filters in order to find out which content is best suited for the users. This filter, as it were, can choose the best and most curated content by turning on filters like time and upload date filter, language filter, topic filter, and a very sensible language filter. The last filter is important too, for if the user wishes to watch movies on the WW2, the range must include all types, and not only the American POV.

Mobdro for PC: Steps to Install

In order to get this app on your Windows PC, you must download an Android emulator, because Mobdro is an Android application and uses the Apk file to download and install it. For the sake of safety and simplicity, we have used the AMIDuOS emulator, which is easily available.

  • Download the free AMIDuOS Android emulator on your PC. install it giving all necessary permissions.
  • Now, download the latest version of the Mobdro Apk.
  • After AMIDuOS has been installed, go to the downloaded Mobdro file.
  • Next, press Right Click on it, and go to the Open With menu.
  • Select Apply to DuOS. The app will now begin downloading.
  • Reboot your Android device, and you are ready.

  • Wrap Up

    We believe that the Mobdro for PC application will serve you with an endless supply of great curated content for many years. This is an app which has never failed to disappoint, and we are sure that you will fall greatly in love with it as well.

    A Handy Guide on Best Digital Cameras Under $300 of 2017

    Capturing a particular moment has always excited the mankind. And thus, the craze for a good camera is eternal. There are generally two types of cameras available in the market- film cameras and digital cameras. While with the advancement of the technology has pushed the film cameras into the back foot, the digital cameras are currently enjoying huge success. The digital cameras come at a various price range, depending on the features and specifications the camera is offering. There are DSLRs which come with a huge price tag and is engineered to take pro-level photographs. And then there is a simple point and shoot digital cameras which are mainly designed for the newbies and amateur photographers. So which digital camera should you buy and what will be the best for your money, that is a million dollar question. In this article, we have discussed on the best digital cameras under $300 and has made a list of the best products you will get within this price range.

    Nikon Coolpix S9900

    The first product which has made an entry in our best digital cameras under $300 list is the Nikon Coolpix S9900. Nikon is a traditional camera making company which is famous for developing amazing cameras at a cheap price. The Nikon Coolpix S9900 comes with 30X zoom which helps the users to capture great snaps from a huge distance with optimum clarity. This brilliant digital camera also features NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can share the pictures instantly. Nikon Coolpix S9900 also sports a 3” swivel screen with variable angles and 921,000 dpi to take the best quality pictures. This camera is available in Silver and Black color and weighs only 0.64 pounds.

    Nikon Coolpix S9900
    Nikon Coolpix S9900

    Canon Powershot SX530

    Although Canon Powershot SX530 is a Point-and-Shoot camera, it comes with a DSLR like body. This camera comes with 50X optical zoom which is equivalent to 24-1200mm. The Canon Powershot SX530 features a 16-megapixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor along with the company's very own DIGIC 4+ image processor. The display of the camera features 3” 461,000 dots and weighs only 0.97 pounds. The only drawback of the  Canon Powershot SX530 is the battery of the device only lasts for 210 snaps. But the superb image quality compensates this issue.

    Canon Powershot SX530
    Canon Powershot SX530

    Olympus SH-1

    The last product in our best digital camera under $300 is Olympus SH-1. Olympus has a long tradition of developing high-quality snappers in a low cost and the Olympus SH-1 is the prime example of that fact. This product looks mighty tough and rugged compared to the other two products of this list, yet weighs only .6 pounds. The Olympus SH-1 features a 5-axis Image Stabilization which helps to click blur-free images even at a high shutter speed of 1/15. The Image Stabilization feature also helps to record grain free handheld videos as it removes the vibration completely. The camera sports 24X optical zoom, equivalent to 24-600mm and 16-megapixel sensor to capture superb images.

    Olympus SH-1
    Olympus SH-1

    Wrap Up

    All the cameras we mentioned on our list of best digital cameras under $300 are of supreme quality and are able to snap amazing pictures. So choose the one you liked the most and capture all your favorite moments.

    4 Easy Steps to Download PlayBox HD for Windows PC

    Throughout the last decade, we have witnessed plenty of advancements in the field of science and technology. Medicine, sports, automobile, astronomy, technology-name any field, and it has progressed rapidly since early 2000. But among those, the most visible changes we have witnessed in the field of telecommunication. Mobile phones which were a mere device to communicate while commuting from place to another has become a smart device which can be used in every aspect of our life. The smartphones no doubt have made our life easier and the most pivotal role is played by the applications come with the handset. As soon as the smartphones gained popularity, the online streaming industry has also started becoming popular. Earlier, we used to wait for our favorite movies or TV shows to be telecasted on the TV set. But now, as the times they are changing, we simply download a streaming application on our handsets to fulfill our entertainment need.

    PlayBox HD for Windows PC
    PlayBox HD for Windows PC
    And when we are discussing on the streaming applications, there are few applications which can be compared with the PlayBox HD. This streaming application has already got immense popularity among the tech lovers for its simple and minimalistic user-interface. It is very easy to download PlayBox HD for the Android and iOS smartphones, but if you want to download the streaming application on your Windows-based desktop or laptop, then what should you do? Well, friends, in this tutorial, we have shed lights on the steps to download PlayBox HD for Windows PC. But before we delve into the technical aspects, first check out the features of PlayBox Hd which made the application so famous.

    Features of PlayBox HD

    • Like all the free streaming application, the most salient feature of the PlayBox HD is it comes absolutely free of cost. So if you want to download the application or the contents, you do not need to spend a single buck.
    • Apart from it, another major advantage of using this application is, it supports Google Chromecast. That means you can directly play your favorite movie or TV show on the big screen through the application.
    • All the contents available in the application are divided according to their category and genre.
    • Movies and videos available in PlayBox HD comes in different resolutions and supports different file formats.
    • PlayBox HD comes with a Kid Mode, which protects your children from viewing the explicit contents.

    Steps to Download PlayBox HD for Windows PC

    As PlayBox HD is an Android based application, you need an Android emulator to run the application on your Windows-based desktop or laptop. In this process, we have taken the help of the AMIDuOS emulator which is one of the most popular Android emulators of the recent times.

    Step 1: First go to the official website of AMIDuOS and download the installer file of the emulator.
    Step 2: Now download the latest APK version of PlayBox HD from the internet.
    Step 3: After that, right click on the apk file and you will notice an ‘Apply to DuOS’ option. Click on it.
    Step 4: Finally, the installation process will start automatically. After a couple of minutes when the installation process gets over, you can notice the app's logo on your home screen.

    Wrap Up
    The process we have discussed to download PlayBox HD for Windows PC is compatible with all the existing version of the OS. So if you have not downloaded the streaming application yet, install it right now.

    How to Create the Perfect Makeup Base

    Perfect Makeup Base
    Perfect Makeup Base

    If you look at the work of amateurs and professional makeup artists, the thing that stands out the most is complexion. While the foundation and concealer is nearly invisible in the case of the latter, the former struggles to avoid a cake-y face. The biggest issue with regards to makeup application is usually the base. Learn the basics of applying and blending the base so you may achieve a flawless complexion.

    1. Prepping the Skin

    You need to maintain good skin care for good makeup application. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize properly before applying foundation. Use a hydrating mist or facial oil if you wish and a primer depending on your skin type if needed.

    2. Color Correction/Concealing

    Not everyone needs color correction. For cool toned pigmentation, use yellow or peach. For warm toned pigmentation, use lavender. Green cancels out redness. If you don’t need any of this, it’s better to apply foundation and then go in with concealer if your issues are still visible. Many people complain about acne scars. You should spot-conceal them with a small brush and blend out the edges.

    3. Foundation Application & Blending

    You may use a sponge, brush or fingers for application and blending. Sponges generally eat up more product than flat brushes and fingers are the best blending tools. Choose the foundation shade that matches your skin tone and depth perfectly. Think about the exposed areas of your body. Make sure your face and chest are the same color. Blend in the direction of your facial hair so that they lie flat. Blend outwards and keep the layer thin.

    4. Setting with Powder

    This depends on your skin type and weather but it’s important to set your under eye to prevent creasing. If you have combination skin type then dust a bit of setting powder on your T-zone. People with oily skin type should dust a thin layer all over to avoid fading.

    There you have it! Use products that are right for your skin type and practice to get a flawless complexion.

    What’s New in Instagram?

    New Instagram Feature Live
    Instagram Live

    Everyone’s favorite photo application, Instagram, just keeps getting better and better. Users who disliked SnapChat were overjoyed when Instagram Stories and Instagram Live came out. Instagram Live has become a favorite among celebrities, brands, social media enthusiasts and makeup artists. There are a lot of international music fans who are not able to attend fan signs or concerts so Instagram Live is a wonderful way to get in touch with those fans. Fans can converse with their beloved celebrities in the comments sections. This has a personal touch, is absolutely free and can be done anytime anywhere. Makeup artists and beauty gurus often do tutorials in their Instagram Live sessions. Beauty lovers can learn professional secrets free and ask for product recommendations too.

    It’s pretty common among beauty bloggers to create makeup looks, review products and swatch them on Instagram for their followers. Brands can give their target audience a live glimpse of an event they have organized. It generates a buzz and even encourages viewers to attend such events. The great perks of Instagram Live are that these videos can be quickly saved to your camera application. They may be viewed later or shared on other social media platforms. A brand new feature that’s still in beta testing phase will allow Instagramers to invite friends into their live session but they have to be part of it to come live with them.

    Business profile users on Instagram will jump for joy when they learn about another fantastic update in the making. This is more on the marketing side and can guarantee high profits without spending too much on marketing. It’s all about targeting different types of customers depending on the level of interest they have shown in your Instagram profile. The data collection isn’t just based on their activity on your posts but also your videos. You may divide your users by what percentage of your video they watched or the number of seconds they viewed it. This will help you in placing ads according to the user’s interest and guarantee better user conversions.

    Instagram’s updates seem to be moving in the right direction generating quality user experience.

    Best Android Apps for Free Music Download


    Best Android Apps

    Lately, app developers have been focusing their efforts on creating better apps for streaming and downloading music. It’s a global passion and connects people from all over the world. While it’s unfortunate that every user cannot afford to buy music from various artists, there are plenty of ways to support them. If you’re on a budget and can’t spend too much on digital music, these awesome Android apps can help you out!


    This is the number one app for music lovers because not only is it absolutely free but also has a huge variety of music from international artists. You can discover covers of popular songs, OSTs of your favorite dramas, audio books and other entertaining content. You can find complete albums and hit singles as well. 4shared is famous for having anything and everything you could possibly want in various formats.


    You must be familiar with this fantastic app. It took the world by storm when it was officially launched a few years ago. Users can make their own channels and upload tracks for gathering a loyal following. This is why Soundcloud is loved by independent artists and lovers of indie music. There are several versions of the same song available on Soundcloud uploaded by different users so you can look for covers and live performance audios as well.


    This wonderful app has grown to be one of the most downloaded and trusted music apps ever. The great thing about Spotify is that it offers more than just free music streaming and downloads. For those of you who are looking to purchase music, Spotify is the perfect choice. Once you sign up and create an account, you are able to stream any song you wish to listen to. If you pay a small sum of $9.99, you will be able to download all of those songs too.

    So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorite music app on Android Phone and enjoy the hottest hits of the season!

    5 Steps to Perfect Skin


    Perfect Skin Care

    Everyone wants to have beautiful skin but few realize that you need to follow a good skin regime to achieve it. When people have an event to attend, they desperately seek a miracle cure for their skin problems when they could have been avoided by a good skin regime.

    1. Cleanse

    It’s very important to properly cleanse your skin. Most people don’t understand what that means. Any impurities and excess oil must be removed but it should not strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry. Another issue is the pH of your face wash or soap. A pH7.0 (neutral) is important because your skin has an acidic pH. Free alkalis in soaps dry out your skin.

    2. Exfoliate

    You know that you shed skin continually and new skin grows in its place, right? You must remove dead skin from your face. If you don’t do these then dead skins cells pile up on your skin causing breakouts and making it look flaky? Use a scrub with natural materials or a chemical exfoliating agent.

    3. Tone

    As mentioned before, maintaining acidic pH, your skin’s natural pH, is vital for healthy skin. Otherwise, your skin can go dry and breakout. You may maintain it by gently applying a cotton ball soaked in toner after every wash.

    4. Deep cleanse

    There is a difference between daily cleansing and deep cleansing. Besides using a face wash or soap, you may use a gentle facial cleanser or even a natural one like milk. This is daily cleansing. Once a week apply a face mask that sucks out impurities and excess oil from your skin.

    5. Moisturize

    There is often misleading information on the internet telling you how much moisturizer you need. The truth is that you need quite a lot. Keep applying and massaging into your skin until you can no longer feel the stretch of dryness in your face.

    Follow these simple steps daily and feel the difference.

    Samsung Corruption Scandal-Verdict Announced


    Samsung Corruption Scandal News
    One of the biggest business scandals shook Seoul when the leader of Samsung was caught red-handed shortly after the former president of South Korea was arrested. The two cases do have clear connection which caused outrage among Asia’s business community and shareholders of the company. Samsung has remained a powerful contender for the top spot among electronics and personal device manufacturers for decades. Since Android is more popular than iOS in Asia and Samsung mobiles operated via Android, it was very powerful in the smartphone industry as well.

    Justice has been rightly served making the criminals an example for those who think they can get away with corruption. The court found the former Samsung leader guilty of paying bribes to the former president in hopes of having things go in his favor. Official investigation also revealed that he had concealed assets overseas after embezzling funds from the company. There were many such assets which will not be dealt with fairly. In addition, he has further lost credibility among the business community and the legal system of South Korea by lying under oath.

    The court has sentenced him to five years imprisonment. However, the defendant plans to file an appeal for this decision and has not accepted any of the charges leveled against him according to his lawyers. They are keeping a positive outlook even though most of the public is not on their side. They have expressed their faith in the overturn of this decision in the near future. There are several who are unhappy with the court’s decision, support the former Samsung leader and have protested against the outcome of this case. They have stressed on the importance of companies like Samsung that have contributed considerably to the growth of South Korea’s economy even going as far to say that they have saved it from crisis in the past. Meanwhile, others have applauded the court’s decision and criticized the former Samsung leader.

    Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I

    Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I

    Fans of Margot Robbie will be shocked to see her new look! She always surprises us with different roles that require transformations. This time, Margot Robbie is barely recognizable as she turns herself into Queen Elizabeth I. Her beautiful blond hair and lovely golden skin is gone! The stylists and makeup artists have done a fantastic job on the talented Australian actress. They have made her look historically accurate from head to toe.

    It’s not just about wardrobe. She donned a black Elizabethian era gown fit for the Virgin Queen. Her hair is a shock of tight red curls Queen Elizabeth was known for besides having her forehead enlarged by shaving her scalp backwards considerably. Her skin is pasty white and pockmarked just like the famous queen and her nose has been noticeably altered to mimic the queen’s features. Margot Robbie was seen walking regally at the set, preparing for her scenes, chatting with the staff and working hard.
    The Aussie beauty has a major role in the film, Mary Queen of Scots and fans are highly anticipating its release. Margot Robbie has received critical acclaim for her previous performances and is widely loved by the public. Many award-winning actresses have played Queen Elizabeth I before and have performed excellently. It’s obvious that Margot Robbie is under pressure to perform this historic role just as well. This is not a regular role so needless to say it’s challenging for the actress as well. However, the producers and directors have faith in her abilities which have been praised over and over.

    Saoirse Ronan plays Mary Queen of Scots in the movie of the same name along with several amazing actors and actresses in important roles. The plot revolves around Mary Stuart trying to overthrow her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. Her failure, imprisonment and execution are already written down in history but the film is expected to be epic! There’s no fixed date for the release but it will grace cinemas later this year.

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